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Energy Savings Tips

Home Energy Savings Today it's more important than ever to make our homes more energy efficient without sacrificing home comfort. An energy-efficient home will keep your family comfortable while saving you money. Unfortunately, a lot of energy is wasted through leaky windows or ducts, old appliances, or inefficient heating and cooling systems. You can use many tips to save money and energy! HERE'S HOW WE SPEND OUR ENERGY Other Heating &Cooling Appliances 8% 9% 66 over 70% of A typical single family home has an annual energy bill of about $2,200. Here's how the bill breaks down based on energy use Refrigeration 8% 43% electricity in the U.S. is 9% generated from non-renewable Computers &Electronics Sources. 11% 12% Lighting Water Heating Solar South facing solar water heating panels generate up to 60% of your hot water needs ENERGY SAVINGS TIPS Insulation Insulate your loft with mineral wool or similar insulation. This can save up to $200 per year Fix the drip Dripping hot taps can add to your heating costs. Get them repaired before it all adds up Taps Turning off the tups when you brush your teeth saves 7-12 litres of water Showers A hot shower uses 20% less energy than a hot bath per minute Turn off Lights! If you're not in the room for a while (Close the curtains. Block the sunlight to keep heat down in Use energy summer saving light-bulbs An average house- hold's total electricity bill will be reduced by up to 20% Red Lights! Turn your appliances off instead of |leaving them on standby and yoU could save up to $60 a year Don't dry your clothes on the radiator It makes your boiler work much harder Saucepans Keep saucepan lids on to keep in the heat. Only use the water you need Fridges Defrost fridges and freezers regularly to improve their efficiency Kettle Only boll as much as you need rather than filling the kettle right up every time Toasters Make toast in the toaster, not under the grill Ediling lanign Chiana Abre Radiators Fit thermostatic radiator valves to radiators and set them properly Mobiles Don't leave mobile phones charging all night Seal up Draughts Seal draughty gaps between floorboards, skirting boards which can save $90 per year Yours Floors Thick carpets and underlay help stop heat escaping through concrete floors 66 More than 25% of energy consumption in homes goes to lighting.92 Water heater and pipe insulation keeps water hotter for longer by reducing the amount of heat that escapes. Remove detrimental sediment and improve long-term usability. Set it no higher than 125 degrees Use a full load in your washing machine. A half load setting can use more than a half the energy of a full load Wash clothes in cold water. 90% of the energy your washes uses goes to heat the water ACCENT SOURCES | | | homeenergysaver. | | BUILDING PRODUCTS DO000

Energy Savings Tips

shared by bigoak on Jan 16
This infographic details the way we spend money in our homes, and what each part is costing us. It also shows many energy saving tips, some quick and some more extensive.


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