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Energy Saving in the Home

Saving Money and Energy at Home An energy-efficient home reduces utility costs, prevents energy waste, and reduces the environmental impact of a household. Find out where energy is utilized and lost in the average American home, and how you can make each room in your house more energy-efficient. How We Use Energy in Our Homes How We Lose Energy in Our Homes Energy used for heating and cooling accounts for more than half of all utility costs Improperly set water heaters, refrigerators, Non-programmable and freezers thermostats 4% 3% 4% Wet cleaning Incandescent light bulbs 5% Space heating 8% 4% Cooking 45% 42% Old heating & A/C units 6% Attic Lighting Other 16% 9% Inefficient windows and doors 18% Refrigeration Computers and electronics 14% Space cooling Water heating Tips to Save Energy and Money in Every Room of Your Home Cut energy use in your home by over 30%O by checking the following rooms Attic Since warm air rises, attic insulation is critical to preventing energy loss Use caulking and weatherstripping to seal air leaks Install insulation after sealing air leaks and reduce your annual heating and cooling bill up to 20% 20% 10% Living Room Install a programmable thermostat to improve heating and cooling efficiency. Save up to 10% on HVAC annually by turning your heat down 7-10 degrees at night Caulk and weatherstrip all seams, cracks and openings to the outside > Doors > Windows > Electrical outlets • Ceiling fixtures Keep fireplace flue damper tightly closed when not in use 10-50% Kitchen Cover your kitchen exhaust fan to prevent air leaks when not in use Purchasing energy efficient and water saving kitchen appliances can save up to 10-50% on energy costs each year Use a toaster or convection oven for small meals and save up to half the energy a full size oven consumes Bathroom Install low-flow faucets and showerheads ose energy saving LED, or halogen light bulbs and save up to 11% on lighting costs annually Ch Turn off ventilation fan within 20 minutes after bathing 11% 7-15% Bedroom Replace old windows with energy saving windows and save 7-15% annually Plug in all electrical appliances into one power strip, and turn off when not in use Use rechargeable batteries for alarmclocks, cordless phones, and digital cameras AC PRO Sources

Energy Saving in the Home

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We use a vast amount of energy in our home every single day, that energy adds up to extra costs on our utility bills? Did you know that over 50% of the energy we use each year comes from using our h...



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