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Energy Efficiency in the Home: Present and Future

ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THE HOME Investing in energy efficient materials for your home not only improve levels of comfort but also benefits the environment. In an age of techn running efficiently, so here are some investments that are worth considering if you want to create an eco-friendly zone as well as what the future holds for energy solutions: we have plenty of options to keep our house LOFT INSULATION SOLAR PANELS There are two types of solar panels systems: photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, which use energy from the sun for НЕАТ НЕАТ electricity, and solar water heating which uses energy to heat up water. AVERAGE PRICE £1400 Prices: You can opt for a Feed-in Tariff if your home scores within Band D for energy €400 performance. Regular installation costs SAVINGS usually falls around £6,000. You can lose up to 25% of your heat from Savings over ten years: Going through the your roof so loft insulation is a cheap, durable and quick way to reduce energy Feed-in Tarrif you could actually make money loss. from your energy supplier and save around £8,000. Price: On average, loft insulation costs requires £400 to install and no REGULAR INSTALLATION £8000 maintenance. £6000 Savings over ten years: £1,400 SAVINGS DOUBLE GLAZING This is a more traditional way to conserve energy and heat within your home. Double glazing will block out wind while stopping energy from escaping. Price: Depending on your choice of material and how many windows and doors you choose to glaze, prices start around £250. Savings over 10 years: You could save £500 PRICES START AT up to £1600 for a flat and up to £1,600 for a detached E250 home. SAVINGS LED LIGHTING Still a work in progress, LED lighting is the best of both worlds - great lighting while saving plenty of energy in the long term. Price: Ketra, a smart lighting startup, have priced their LED bulbs for around £70 although these bulbs will last much longer PER BULB than regular bulbs. £2400 £70 Savings over ten years: £2,400 SAVINGS TESLA BATTERY A lithium-ion battery that would allow people to power their homes and businesses by storing renewable energy. Price: Residential model selling for around £2,000 excluding installation costs. Savings over ten years: Tesla claims the PRICE AROUND battery can slash 25% of consumer energy 25% £2000 bills but there are also claims that savings will not outweigh the initial costs. SAVINGS PRESENTED BY easyfit garage doors NOTE: ALL PRICES ARE APPROXIMATE ESTIMATES.

Energy Efficiency in the Home: Present and Future

shared by AlexGillham on Jul 13
This infographic explores the savings you could make on your home just through traditional methods of keeping your home running efficiently. We also look at how home energy as we know it is about to c...




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