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Downsizing Tips for Seniors

DOWNSIZING TIPS FOR SENIORS SEVEN MOVING TIPS TIP ONE TAKE PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING BEFORE STARTING Be sure to include some close-up shots of favorite possessions or places in the home creating a digital footprint provides you with lasting This is a good idea if you have to give up items in the move because your new home can not accommodate them This is one of the easiest ways to downsize and can soothe the heart as you get used to your new home memories DON'T FORGET TO ALSO DIGITALLY GAPTURE: YOUR HOME'S EXTERIOR YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD YOUR COMMUNITY TIP TWO GREATE A PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE SHARE STORIES ABOUT THE HOUSE SOCIALIZE The goal should be to keep the mood as pleasant as possible and celebrate what was and what will be as you begin on your new home journey LISTEN TO MUSIC CONNECT WITH FAMILY SHARE FAMILY STORIES POTLUCK AFTER MOVE PREP TIP THREE DO NOT DOWNSIZE IN ONE DAY SIX HOURS maximum limit to work on Spread out the task of downsizing to more than one day if possible, it is going to be emotionally and physically demanding enough without rying to rush the process downsizing per day tt ITEMS TO KEEP HANDY DURING THE PROGESS: of HELPERS FOR LIFTING, SORTING, AND CARRYING BOXES, LABELS, MARKERS, SCISSORS, AND TAPE DESIGNATED AREAS FOR ITEMS TO KEEP, GIVE AWAY, DISCARD, AND DONATE EASY ACCESS TO IMPORTANT AND VALUABLE ITEMS SNACKS AND WATER STORAGE FOR MEDICATIONS TIP FOUR FIND GOOD HOMES FOR YOUR DONATED ITEMS Make a list You will probably feel better about giving up some of your material possessions if you believe those items are going to a really good home of friends, family, and neighbors to givē items Items like house plants, knick- knacks, and even furniture that have been nurtured along make a perfect gift for someone you know PLAGES TO CONSIDER DONATING ITEMS: OLD CLOTHING OLD (ITEMS FOR PROPS UNUSED TOOLS HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA DEPT. HIGH SCHOOL SHOP TEACHER COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE LAWN MAINTENANGE ITEMS PIANOS & INSTRUMENTS BULKY FURNITURE FAVORITE HANDYMΑΝ LOCAL CHURCHES COMMUNITY CENTER TIP FIVE GONSTRUGTION FEATURES SENIORS NEED 25% Seniors should only consider moving to a new home when it makes their daily lives more comfortable AMERICANS AGED 65+ have a slip and fall accident every year A home should not necessarily be dismissed if it does not meet all of the construction criteria, providing there is scope for adapting it in the future SOURCE: CDC HELPFUL GONSTRUGTION FEATURES FOR SENIORS: 3 Grab rails are located in strategic places in the hallways and bathrooms Flooring does not have a slippery surface and is easy to clean 3 Light switches and thermostats are easy to reach and there are lighted pathways and plenty of light in every area of a room Kitchens are small enough that movement is negligible and bars and countertops are low enough to use from a seated position E Entrances do not have step-ups and at least one ramp leads into the house and doorways are wide enough for walkers and wheelchairs Floors are all on one level or a there is space to install a stair lift TIP SIX SPECIAL PREFERENCES SENIORS WANT Packing up and leaving a home that has the memories of a lifetime is one of the hardest passages in life, it becomes a little easier if the new home is equipped with some of the treasures that have been collected over the years KEY COMPONENTS FOR SENIORS DOWNSIZING: SHELVING FOR PERSONAL ВОOKS SEVERAL CLEAR WALLS FOR MEMORABLE PICTURES BULLETIN BOARD OR CORK WALL FOR NOTES AND REMINDERS SIMPLE TO OPERATE APPLIANCES EASY LOCKING WINDOWS AND DOORS LOW MΑIΝΤEΝANCE SIDING AND YARDS TIP SEVEN HELP FROM LOVED ONES MAKES A DIFFERENGE With proper planning and careful consideration, you can take some of the stress out of downsizing Having a checklist of important attributes can really help make the search for a new home go more smoothly WAYS TO HELP SENIORS WHEN DOWNSIZING: OBTAIN FLOOR PLAN PRIOR TO MOVE TO HELP DECIDE WHERE THINGS WILL GO HELP SENIORS KEEP AN OPEN MIND WHEN LOOKING AT HOMES AND MAKE ADJUSTMENTS IF NEEDED MAKE SURE THEY KNOW HOW TO ADJUST HEATING AND COOLING AND WORK APPLIANCES IN NEW HOME C forita dark ISAHOUSE-SOLD NAME COLDWELL BANKER E (478) 960-8055 (C) | (478) 953-8595 x 227 (0) SSK, REALTORS Source: ..---

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

shared by anitaclark on Jul 20
Downsizing can be difficult for seniors, to make that process easier this infographic provides several downsizing tips to help make the transition to a new residence go smoothly.




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