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Don't let your house have a party!

DON'T LET YOUR HOUSE HAVE A PARTY WHEN YOU'RE NOT AR OUND Not all house parties require people. Even when no one is home, your house can waste money and energy. DID YOU KNOW 15* 50* |% 14* INCREASE IN HOME OF CO2 REDUCTION INCREASE IN CO2 EMISSIONS DURING ENERGY USE IN THE CAN COME FROM HOME ENERGY EFFICIENCY PAST DECADE THE SAME PERIOD WHO'S ATTENDING? COMMON ENERGY USAGE OFFENDERS HEATING 33% ELECTRONICS %6 COOLING 12% LIGHTING 11% REFRIGERATION APPLIANCES 8% 9% WATER OTHER HEATING 8% 12% HEATING Central heating systems need to calm down RUNNING per day = 2,850,000 hours watts per month Average cost $1,710 PER YEAR STOP THE PARTY! Cutting down 10 more hours a day when at school or work will lead to an extra $750 in savings annually AC Units think they're the coolest COOLING RUNNING 6 hours per day = 624,000 watts per month Average cost $472 PER YEAR STOP THE PARTY! Use ceiling fans instead of central AC units LIGHTING Shining the brightest to stand out 5100 watt bulbs = $274 annual savings OFF 10 HOURS PER DAY 90% 6 STOP THE PARTY! Of energy use from Replacing those 5 with 15-watt CFL's instead, could save you 85% in lighting incandescent bulbs comes off in the form of heat One minute it's the life of ELECTRONICS the party, next minute it's napping 24 21 = $204 annual hours vs hours savings COMPUTER ON COMPUTER SLEEPING AT 160 WATTS AT 5 WATTS STOP THE PARTY! Put your computer to bed before heading out HOW TO STOP THE PARTY! & TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HOME Set a Plan Alter Habits Measure Impact HOME AUTOMATION CAN HELP YOU KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR HOUSE ADT Pulse boosts energy efficiency and reduces energy costs. Homeowners can save about $180 a year by properly setting their programmable thermostats and maintaining those settings. We're not just saying that. Energy Star is! ADJUST TEMPERATURE 76°68° ADJUST THERMOSTATS SET ALERTS CONTROL DEVICES REMOTELY To calculate your household energy consumption per device, use this equation: (wattage x hours per day x # days a year) / 1000 kWh x cost (cents) kWh = $__ year HVAC COOKING Appliances Coffee Maker 900-1200 Heating 750-1500 Cooling Clothes Washer 350-500 Clothes Dryer 1800-500O Dishwasher 1200-2400 Microwave 750-1100 Fridge 725 Lighting 25-10O Toaster 800-1400 Laptop 50 CPU & Monitor 330 (or less) Toaster Oven 1225 Electric Stove 1000-1200 For More Information on Lifestyle ADT Pulse Management and Remote Security, visit Sources:

Don't let your house have a party!

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Not all house parties require people. Even when no one is home, your house can party on, wasting money and energy. In the last decade, we have seen home energy usage rise 14% and CO2 emissions rise 1...



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