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Don't Let Termites Eat Your Home

Don't Let Termites Eat Your Home! Termites by the Numbers: 1000 24: 1000: Hours per day termites eat – they don't sleep! Pounds of termites for every person on Earth Every 15 seconds: How often a termite queen can lay an egg 150 million: Tons of methane gas released by termites annually 2700: 40+: Termite species globally Termite species in the US Beating the Termite Invasion Protect your home from termites with these tips Fix leaking pipes, faucets, or AC units Address external moisture/drainage issues Why It Termites are attracted Matters to wet soil and wood Why It Matters Termites will seek out moist areas Don't keep firewood, stumps, or wood debris near the house Seal external cracks Why It Matters Why It Matters cracks as thin as a penny Termites will use it Termites can enter through as a food source Inspect deck and wood fences for damage Keep excessive mulch away from foundation Why It Matters Often the first sign of a termite problem Why It Matters Mulch will bring termites close to your house Clear gutters regularly Call pest control at first sign of invasion Why It Matters dirt attract termites Why It Early treatment is easier Matters Damp leaves and and controls damage Sources: Infographic Provided by: ay-from-your-home.htm out-Termites.htm BURNS PEST ELIMINATION

Don't Let Termites Eat Your Home

shared by BrittSE on Apr 23
Damp leaves and dirt can attract termites to a house. That is why it is essential to clean your home’s gutters regularly. Discover more termite control tips on this infographic designed by a termite...


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