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Don't Be Hasty With Space Heater Safety

pon't be hasty with SPACE HEATER SAFETY: The Do's and Don'ts of Space Heater Usage WHAT'S AT RISK? Whether you're warming up at home or work with a space heater, the risks are clear: Every year, space heaters cause: $913 25,000 Residential fires. MILLION 300 deaths. 6,000 ER visits for hot surface heater. O 80% of deaths in home heating fires. Fires caused by heating equipment make up 15% of home fires and 19% of home deaths The Cost is High: O $913 million in property damage! SPACE HEATER SAFETY DO’S AND DON'TS DON'TS O Place it on an uneven surface. I Use a heater you suspect has been damaged. ILeave it operating while unattended or while you're sleeping. O Use it if the plug does not fit tightly into the wall outlet. O Run cords under rugs or carpeting. O Touch if you are wet. O Use it near paint, gas or matches. O Install ventless heaters in airtight houses, mobile homes, or trailers under any circumstance. DO'S O Plug it directly into a wall outlet or use the shortest possible heavy-duty cord. O Keep children and pets away from electric heater. 3' O Buy a heater that is the correct size for your room. should be at least 3 feet distance on all sides. O Keep it away from water. 3' O Stop using it if the plug, outlet or heater is hot to the touch. O Research and purchase the right space heater for your specific needs. O Keep it away from flammable material including beds and linens, sofas, curtains, papers. O Keep it out of high traffic areas. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A SPACE HEATER Space Heaters Should: O Be safety-certified by ETL, UL or equivalent & include safety certification mark. Have a thermostat to avoid energy waste and avoid overheating. Be ground-fault protected, expecially if you're planning to FACT) use it in a kitchen, bathroom or other area with water. (Kerosene heaters have been banned in most states. O Have a fan to distribute heat more quickly and efficiently. O Not be used indoors if they are unvented combustion units. O Have a safety switch that turns off the heater if it tips over or oxygen levels fall below a safe level. O Be energy-efficient. TIP Look for a space heater that uses 750 watts. Presented by: COZY PRODUCTS Sources: http://www.uaf.eduliles/ces/publications-db/catalog/eehVEEM-00253,pdf

Don't Be Hasty With Space Heater Safety

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This infographic explains how to stay safe with space heaters. It covers everything from where to place your space heater safety to the qualifications of a safe space heater. Educate yourself on the f...


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