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Does your home need a new roof?

Does your home need รก new roof? Your roof celebrated 21st birthday Studies show that an average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is 20, max 25 years. Constantly under fire by rain, winds, heat, cold and debris is putting a great strain on your roof over time. If your roof is older than 20 years, chances are you need a new roof. You start finding shingle chunks Toward the end of the life cycle, roofs start to lose more and more granules.You can check your gutters to see if they are filled with | shingle granules. Also, if there are dark spots on parts of your roof, that is another sign that the granules are worn and falling away. Your roof has its own There are not as many shingles as there used to be garden This is a no brainer. If you spot that there are parts of your roof that are missing shingles, you definitely need a new roof. Moss. Moss is more than just a cosmetic problem. Moss contains moisture and in colder climates, it freezes. This can seriously damage your roof. Moss can be brushed off but that won't stop it from growing again. Cracked shingles Your attic is sunny Main culprit when it comes to cracked shingles is wind. Strong winds can lift debris and slam it onto your roof. If there's just a few cracked shingles, you can replace them. If you start to notice random patterns of cracked shingles stretching throughout your roof, you'll need a new roof. Take a quick look at your attic. Is there any sunlight coming through the roof boards? It is? Well, that's pretty bad. If daylight can get in, so can snow, air and rain. Check for water stains on your attic and photograph them. If they change shape and size over a few rainfalls, that means that you've got active leaks. Shingles changing shape Rot Shingles can deform in two ways. Edges can curl upward while the middle stays flat, or edges can stay flat while middle starts to come up. Both of these are early warnings of weathering and it usually means that leaks will start to Go to your attic and inspect your roof structure and beams. Over the time, wood can succumb to rot, especially if it gets in contact with water. Broken shingles and clogged gutters are usually the culprits if it comes to wood rotting. appear soon. IMA You bought a new home You bought your first home ever. Excitement can cloud your priorities. You forgot to call a roofing professional to inspect your roof and now you're noticing that leaks are appearing, tiles or shingles are broken. If that's the case, immediately contact your contractor. It just looks old and worn You have a beautiful house on a beautiful street. Everything is perfect and exactly how it needs to be. And then you take a look at your roof. As the roof gets older it loses its aesthetic appeal. Replacing your old roof can seriously up the resale value of your property and at the end of the day, it is eye pleasing.

Does your home need a new roof?

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Our infographic can show you and let you know whether you need a new roof. We made it based on our experience and years in the roofing business. Roofs tend to wear down over time if not properly maint...


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