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DIY Pest Control

D.I.Y. PEST CONTROL START AT THE SOURCE: PREVENTION WIPE down countertops and other kitchen surfaces with solution of 1 part vinegar to 1 part water to remove odors and food particles FIX leaky faucets. Insects are attracted to leaks since they need water to TRANSFER dry goods to sealed jars or containers survive RINSE juice containers, % CUP sauce jars, etc. before putting them in recycling bin BODA MAKE SURE drains are clear from leftover food. Pour ½ cup baking soda then 2 cup vinegar down the drain After 5 minutes, pour in boiling water to clear everything out VNE % CUP USE a trash can with a lid TACKLING THE MINI BEASTS: DIY REMEDIES KEEP BUGS OUT WITH ESSENTIAL OILS ALL PURPOSE SPRAY Add 2 tablespoons liquid peppermint castile soap to 1 gallon water. Spray mixture on countertops and baseboards Mix 2 ½ teaspoons oil with 1 cup grain alcohol (like vodka) in empty spray bottle. Mist throughout home CITRONELLA O mosquitoes LEMON EUCALYPTUS O mosquitoes 2 TBSP 1 GALLON O mosquitoes, GERANIUM flies ANTS mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, flies LAVENDER Keep ants at bay by sprinkling coffee grounds around windows and doors O mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, flies LEMONGRASS PATCHOULI O gnats Or mix 1 cup borax with 1 cup sugar water. Pour the mix into small jars. Poke holes in the lids. They'll be lured in by the sweet smell PEPPERMINT O spiders, ants ROSEMARY O fleas, ticks TEA TREE mosquitoes, BORAX ants 1 CUP 1 CUP 2 % TEASPOONS 1 CUP FRUIT FLIES SPIDERS Fight fruit flies with apple cider vinegar. Fill glass with 2 inches vinegar, cover top with plastic wrap, and poke holes Combine equal parts vinegar and water in spray bottle. Though safe for humans, vinegar effectively repels spiders *Coat cracks, openings, or They'll be attracted by the sweet smell other entrances with the vinegar water mixture 2 IN COCKROACHES SILVERFISH For silverfish and other wingless insects, sprinkle boric acid in moist areas including bathrooms and kitchen Repel roaches with saucers containing V2 cup beer Place saucers on floor near entry points *Boric acid is a low-toxicity mineral % CUP PLANT insect-repelling herbs and flowers around perimeter of house and keep some varieties indoors BASIL ROSEMARY keep in an indoor herb garden CITRONELLA MARIGOLDS CATNIP keep outside. It can grow up to 5-6 feet tall do best in crush some of the leaves high sunlight and spread around plant beds for better repelling areas power HORSEMINT does best in shaded areas TO KEEP BUGS FROM BITING YOU: * Whip up your own insect repellent with O Boil 1 cup water O Add 3-4 tablespoons dried herbs • 30-50 DROPS ESSENTIAL OILS OR peppermint spearmint catnip rosemary cinnamon citronella lemongrass Lavender clove lavender O Mix, strain, cool eucalyptus mint O Mix water with witch hazel 4 OZ WATER O Store in bottle 3 Oz WITCH HAZEL CONCLUSION Before you head straight for the toxic chemicals, try these cleaning, organizing, and natural repellant tips and hacks to keep insects outside. SOURCES Brought to you by: P PartSelect In partnership with: GHERGICH&Co.

DIY Pest Control

shared by Ghergich on Sep 05
From mosquitos to cockroaches, pests are always trying to sneak their way in to your home. The next time you see a creepy crawler, instead of grabbing a can of toxic chemicals, whip up your own pest c...


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