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Decoding Water Damage in Basements and Crawlspaces

DECODING WATER DAMAGE IN BASEMENTS AND CRAWLSPACES PROBLEMS CAUSED BY WATER DAMAGE MOLD Mold grows in damp places, and can damage your home's structure. Mold may also trigger allergic reactions in your home's residents FOUNDATION ISSUES Water damage can lead to cracks in your home's foundation If cracks are not repaired, they can damage your home's structure, making it unsafe COMMON CAUSES OF WATER DAMAGE SURFACE WATER If surface water drains down the foundation walls, it can cause water damage Water could be coming from clogged gutters or overflowing downspouts Pavement and landscaping should slope away from your house SUBSURFACE WATER If you don't see any surface water problems, it could be subsurface-related Groundwater levels that rise above the basement floor can push water through cracks Look for water coming through the floor or in a few different spots at once STORM WATER Excess rainwater runoff can back up and flow back towards your house Common in areas where there are new developments with lower sewer capacity An interior drain system connected to a sump pump may fix the problem SEWER WATER Look for water coming back up through drains in sinks and basement floor Can be caused by heavy rains, sewer clogs, or roots in sewer lines Creates a health hazard that must be dealt with by the professionals INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: BUDGET WATERPROOFING BUDGET WATERPROOFING wwW.BUDGETBASEMENT.COM Sources:,htm

Decoding Water Damage in Basements and Crawlspaces

shared by BrittSE on Dec 20
Do you see signs of water damage around your home? Water could be coming from clogged gutters or overflowing downspouts. Find more facts about water damage in your home by looking over this Baltimore ...



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