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A Complete Guide to Hot Tub Care

A Complete Guide To HOT TUB CARE Hot tubs provide an excellent way to unwind and relax with family and friends in the privacy of your home or backyard. Taking care of a hot tub should be as easy as soaking in it. We put together a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about taking care of your hot tub. Created by SWIM UNIVERSITY Water Care 1 The most important hot tub chemical is water sanitizer: BIGUANIDE Chlorine (granular) Bromine (granular or tablets) Minerals (Nature2 or Frog) Biguanide (BaquaSpa or SoftSoak) • Aggressive algae killer • Cost effective • Easy to manage and apply • Cost effective • Liquid sanitizer • Easy to manage and apply • Works well in a wide pH range • Applied less frequently • Very aggressive bacteria killer • Low chlorine • Low odor • Low odor Ideal Ideal Ideal Ideal 3-5 4-6 0.5 30-50 ppm ppm ppm ppm 2 For the sanitizer to work properly, the water must be balanced: The pH Scale Very Acidic Very Basic 1 6. 8. 9. 10 11 12 13 14 Ideal pH Alkalinity Calcium Ideal Ideal Ideal 7.4 -7.6 100-150 100-200 ppm ppm pH is a measure of the acid or base of Alkalinity is a pH stabilizer which helps keep your pH from changing drastically. Calcium hardness prevents corrosion of equipment & etching of plaster. your hot tub water. 3 Have water problems, like cloudiness? You can use these accessories: SPA SPA SPA SPA Chemicals Chemicals Chemicals Chemicals 0000 0000 0000 0000 Water Stain & Enzyme Anti Foam Clarifier Scale Water Clarifier Stain & Scale Anti-Foam Enzyme Prevents scaling by adding agents that isolate calcium ions Breaks down oil, Clears cloudy water by combining small particles into larger ones that the filter(s) Quickly eliminates any surface foam caused by unwanted compounds and detergents. lotion, and organics that cause scum lines in your hot tub water. and odors in the can remove. water. Filter Care Methods for cleaning your hot tub filters The Quick Rinse About once a week Give your filter(s) a quick rinse with fresh water. You can rinse them with a garden hose or in a sink. Be sure to spread apart each pleat and rinse well between them to remove any dirt, hair, or other debris. The Chemical Rinse About once a month Generously spray down your hot tub filter(s) with specially designed filter cartridge cleaner and let them sit for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse them down with fresh FILTER CLEANER water. The Chemical Soak About every 6 months Using a hot tub filter cleaning chemical, dilute it with water according to the directions on the bottle. Make sure you use enough water to completely submerge one filter. If you have room, you can add more filters to the solution. Let the filter rest in the solution for 24 hours. Then, rinse with fresh water. Water Replacement Drain and refill your hot tub once every 3 - 4 months ...or do the math: TOTAL GALLONS ÷ 3 + AVERAGE DAILY USERS = How many days until it's time to drain and refill Drain RefilI 1. Replace Your CLEAN Filter(s) Make sure your filter(s) are clean and in good shape, and place them into the filter well. 1. Turn Off the Power Make sure there is absolutely no power getting to your hot tub. 2. Drain the Water 2. Fill Up the Hot Tub Using a pump or the drain plug, begin draining your hot tub completely. If you use the drain plug, some hot tubs will allow you to attach a garden hose to it. I would When filling your hot tub, I recommend using a hose filter or placing the hose inside the filter well. This will allow the water to flow through the filter(s) and into the pipes as you fill the tub - removing the air. recommend using a pump instead of the drain, because the pump works much faster. 3. Test the Water When draining the hot tub, you don't have to drain it all the way. You can leave a little water Now that your hot tub is filled with fresh at the bottom of the tub. water you'll want to test it so you can properly balance and sanitize it. 3. Clean Your Filter(s) Take the cover off your tub and remove the filter(s) from inside your filter well. At this time, it's a good idea to clean them. I recommended doing a 24 hour chemical soak (see above) to clean the filter(s). Cover Care Maintaining your cover is easy & can make it last longer! Dry It! On very nice days, take the cover off your hot tub Clean It! Clean your cover with a cover cleaner and unzip it to let it dry that protects the vinyl from sun out for a couple of hours. This will keep your cover COVER CLEANER damage and will keep it shiny and looking brand new. nice and light. Smell It? Use a small amount of bleach (10%) added to Repair it! water (90%) and wipe Inspect your cover to make sure it's properly sealed. You can use duct tape to temporarily down the bottom of the hot tub cover every 90 days. This will help prevent your cover from getting that musty smell. repair any seams or areas that may allow water to seep into the foam. I recommend doing this a couple times per year. Cabinet Care Shell Care Acrylic Shells Wood Cabinets Household chemicals can be harmful to These should be stained about every 6 your hot tub shell. Use a soft cloth or months for an extra weather-protective sponge to remove deposits at the waterline. You can also use baking soda or coat. The wood could warp or discolor if not maintained properly. vinegar for minor surface cleaning. Always rinse the cleaned area with fresh water. Synthetic Cabinets These are virtually maintenance free. Between water changes use a hot tub shell cleaner to clean and polish your Every month, spray the surface with a mild soap & water solution, then rinse with acrylic. fresh water. No scrubbing is needed. REMEMBER, always wipe up spills immediately and rinse with fresh water. Additional Tips Place tennis balls into the When filling your hot tub, either for skimmers or directly into the water the first time or after cleaning it, make sure you set yourself a timer so it doesn't overflow. to attract body oils, hair products, lo- tions, etc. from entering the filtration system. Change them as necessary depending on the bather load. Keep some baseball hats near your hot tub so that Program your hot tub to heat up when your energy costs are the lowest. Check with your utility %24 people with long hair can tuck their hair under the cap. This will keep a lot of hair spray and hair provider to find out the details. products from getting into the water. SWIM UNIVERSITY The Ultimate Guide To Pool Care & Hot Tub Care

A Complete Guide to Hot Tub Care

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A comprehensive infographic on everything you need to know about taking care of your hot tub.


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