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Common Roofing Problems

COMMON ROOFING PROBLEMS Areas to look when you have a roof leak. DETERIORATED DETERIORATED PIPE BOOTS SHINGLES CLOGGED GUTTERS & ROTTEN DOWNSPOUTS FASCIA MORE ABOUT ROOFING PROBLEMS CLOGGED GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS DETERIORATED SHINGLES • Debris reacts with water to form a sludge in gutters that can reduce the life of your gutters by weighing them down and attacking the metal coating. Depending on geographic location and environmen- tal conditions a roof can be expected to last as long as the warranty period, give or take a few years. some types of shingles can even have a life expectan- cy of 30 years. Knowing when a shingle roof was in- stalled can give a general indication of how long it will last, and when replacement may become neces- • Clogged gutters are fire hazards. Embers from wild- fires can travel up to a mile-and-a-half away. For that reason, the state of California recently declared that most new homes must be built with gutter pro- tection to keep out leaves and debris. sary. One of the earliest signs of roof shingle deterioration will not be evident with respect to the shingles them- selves, but by a build up of rock chip material in rain gutters along the eaves. By cleaning the gutters every year the quantity of build up from one year to the next can act as a gauge to how fast the roof is deteri- orating. Knowing the signs of shingle roof-wear, and knowing when it's time to replace an aging roof can preclude the necessity and greater expense of repair- ing water damage inside a structure. Clogged gutters can be nesting s vermin. For example, the standing water in gutters that do not drain well can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. for and • Clogged gutters cause water to overflow, often pen- etrating siding and foundations. ROTTING FASCIA DETERIORATED PIPE BOOTS The fascia is a lower part of the roof that covers the eaves. The rain gutters are just below the fascia. Built-up debris above the gutter will contribute to a rotten fascia because the area stays wet and rots. A leaking fascia is important to attend to because it can mean that moisture is getting into the eaves. Mold and rot can spread once inside and cause an even bigger roof problem. The best time to fix a fascia is when the roof is being replaced. A vent pipe boot is a type of roof flashing that con- sists of a metal or plastic base with a rubber, dome-shaped boot that fits snugly over a plastic vent pipe. The base lies flat against the roof with its top portion covered by the shingles above to shed water. The most common failure with this type of flashing occurs when the boot cracks or peels away from the pipe (due to weather and sun exposure), allowing water into the roof penetration. "OKAY, WHAT'S NEXT?" BAKER First and foremost be SAFE! Working from any height poses serious risks. If you can, use binoculars to view your roof and investigate problem areas. If you do need to observe the issue first hand call, a professional. Most, if not all, reputa- ble contractors are fully insured and would be happy to pro- vide a free estimate and evaluation! ROOFING ------.

Common Roofing Problems

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When you have a roof leak sometimes it seems like it is coming out of nowhere. Here are four areas to look at when you think you might have a roofing problem.


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