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Common Plumbing Problems & their Solutions

Common Plumbing Problems & Their o Solutions 1) Clogged Drains and Pipes You can try to clear the clog using a plunger. If that doesn't work, use a drain cleaner to flush out a cleaner like caustic soda uwith the natural blockage. drain Try υaten before choosing chemical drain cleaners. Leaky 2) Faucets & Тaps Worn-out washers are the Usual culprits when it to leaky and taps. You can fix this issue with the right tools and washers. But if you don't have them, calling your local plumber is the cheaper opiion. comes faucets 3 Endlessly Flushing Toilets Looks something is wrong the fΠappei υalve, float οι fill A flowing toilet tank can be home with toilet tanks' tube. continuously fixed easily at using a toilet repair kit but go ahead only if you're confident. 4 Low Water Pressure This could be caused by a blocked shower or tap head. If cleaning them doesn't restore water pressure, replace them. But if the `heads ɑre clean,a could be the cause, thus requiring professsional plumber. leaky pipe 5) Leaking Pipes the pipes in' the A leak in mostly joints. Leaky joints ae normally obšerved in old pipes. Ďepending upon how severe the leak is, the repair or replăcement, which is best left to a professional. оссиis pipe may need www cook lees [email protected] MASTE R PLUMBERS 03 9853 9888 ESTABLISHED 1920 (6

Common Plumbing Problems & their Solutions

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Is your plumbing throwing tantrums all of a sudden? It could be somethings as a leaky tap or something more sinister like a clogged drain. Here we look at fivecommon plumbing problems and their solutions.


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