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Common DIY Jobs and How to Do Them

COMMON DIY JOBS ANDHOW TO DO THEM Slip pre-split foam insulation around pipes, then seal the joints using gaffer tape. A special water jacket can be used for the hot and cold water tanks. INSULATE PIPES/HOT WATERTANK CLEAR WIRE APLUG ABLOCKED DRAIN You'll need a pair of gloves, a worm screw and drain rods with a plunger rod. Firstly, open up your manhole cover. Clear the blockage with the plunger rod, adding more rods as necessary. Remember to follow the flow of the drain. To finish, flush out the area with a hose. First strip the cable using wire strippers. Unscrew the plug at the front but take off the back. Strip the cable wires and fix the cable in place with a grip. The blue (neutral) wire connects to the bottom left; the brown (live) wire to the bottom right and the green & yellow wire to the top. THERE ARE AROUND 70 HANG DEATHSPER YEAR BLEED RELATED TODIY WORK WALLPAPER YOURRADIATORS Make sure that the walls are Turn off your boiler or adjust the pressure if you have a combi boiler. Have some rags ready just in case. Open the valve of the radiator usinga bleed key / vent key. You'll hear the air hissing as it's released. Keep the valve open until the air stops and a small amount of water runs out. prepared, determine a good Simh Doint and create a Tine. Before cutting to 1 USE THE CORRECT SAFETY GEAR size, find where the pattern 2 KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS matches. Apply adhesive to (but not the back of f the paper 3TAKE YOUR TIME too much). Hang the first strip and if there is no slipping you can fix it to the wall. Cut off the excess paper and 4 USE THE RIGHT TOOLS 5 KEEP PETS ANDKIDS OUT OF THE WAY continue. BROUGHT TO YOUBY PENGUIN SUPPLIES wWW.PENGUINSUPPLIES.COM SOURCES:WWW.WHICH.CO.UK- WWW.WIKIHOW.COM-WWW.TALKTALK.CO.UK

Common DIY Jobs and How to Do Them

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Find out how to take care of 5 of the most common household jobs by yourself. You'll never need to hire a handyman again!


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