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Commercial Roofing: Risks, Challenges and Proper Maintenance

Commercial Roofing: Risks, Challenges, and Proper Maintenance Common or unexpected, commercial roof problems are always a major problem and a significant expense. Addressing business owners and facility professionals, this infographic examines the top most common issues of commercial roofing, also looking at causes of failure, future risks, and effective maintenance management. Risks $13B Value of commercial construction Total economic damage caused by natural market in Q3, 2013 disasters between 1980 and 2010 金 金 It's a universal principle of investing that risk and 21 of 34 metropolitan areas in Canada saw a significant increase in commercial building return are commensurate. Canada is no exception. In 2012, the total insured damage was $1.19 billion investment. $26.3 Expected value of the commercial construction Canada has been most affected by hurricanes, billion market in 2017 earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and ice storms. Top 3 Costliest Natural Disasters Between 1980 and 2000, more than Extreme Wildfire temperatures Storm 125,000 people $4.2B $2B $1.5B were affected by the top 10 natural disasters reported. Challenges Common Roof Problems Commercial roofing systems will protect your investment for decades, but the small problems stemming from contamination, abuse, or accident might shorten their life expectancy. Here are the most common issues you should address: 1. Pitch Pans Poor maintenance of pitch pans will result in water infiltrating down the pipes and through the roof. 2. Standing Water Clogged drains or poor drainage 3. Damaged Flashing allows the water to accumulate and weigh heavily on the roof, causing long-term damage. Flashings are applied to deflect water from seams and joints, but deterioration makes it easy for water to infiltrate and leak through the roof. 6. Unsatisfactory 4. Clogged Drain Workmanship When drains become clogged, Poor installation increases the surface of the roof can collect 5. Blow-Offs the chances of problems and water that will apply stress on the building and ultimately cause damage to the entire structure. decreases the commercial roofing's life expectancy. High winds can cause shingles, chimneys, and vent caps to blow off, allowing water to infiltrate. Proper Maintenance Once you install a new roof, it's essential to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan. Schedule at least two inspections per year - one in spring and one in autumn – to address potential damage occurred during winter and summer seasons. Here's what to look for: Exterior V Leaks and stains Traffic patterns Rusted metal Interior Leaks and stains Roof deck deterioration Ceiling leaks Roof Area Damage in expansion joints Ballast deficiencies and coating in the field of roof Inspect pipe boots for penetrations Clear gutters and drains Surface contamination, oil deposits, standing water Professional Roofers: The Good and the Bad The roofing industry is in top 10 industries to receive the most BBB complaints. Homeowners The right commercial roofing contractor will: usually report: 10% Offer a thorough estimate on a new roof or a roof replacement Missed appointments 11% Poor customer service Set standards high 13% Provide skills, workmanship, and experience Delay or failure to complete repairs 16% Secure necessary permits or failure omplete roject 25% Ensure safety of workers Poor Responsiveness 55% Poor Workmanship Installing a commercial roofing system is probably one of the largest investments you'll make as a building owner - make sure it's also the best by using quality roofing services to protect your business in the long run. Sources in-non-residential-building-construction-third-quarter-2013--17372065/ 31 THE CU 由 Brought to you by: ROOFING Over 20 Years Experlencel TING EDGE

Commercial Roofing: Risks, Challenges and Proper Maintenance

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Common or unexpected, commercial roof problems are always a major problem and a significant expense. Addressing business owners and facility professionals, this infographic examines the top most commo...


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