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Colours meaning and how to use them for your home

What do colours mean? Interior Design: Colours Introduction Colour can seriously effect our moods and decisions. That's a fact. Born from both nature and nurture, our awareness of colour can naturally influence, or be used to influence us on a daily basis. So what do colours mean exactly? Naturally Red means 'DANGER!'- Being associated with both fire and blood, this can be seen in it's use of 'Stop' signs and traffic signals. Other than that, modern humans have been conditioned to associate Red with retail sales and certain Red brands. Use Red sparingly when decorating; only painting one wall or chimney breast as Red can be an overpowering colour. Top Tip Orange represents a bright, youthful and fun colour. Depending on the tone, Orange can bring on a number of feelings in humans. These feelings range from warmth to associations with the Autumn season. Orange Use Orange to highlight specific features, such as tiling, individual drawers or cupboard doors. Top Tip Yellow is by far the brightest colour you can get your hands on. Yellow instinctively reminds us of our Sun, and is associated with summer, freshness and youthfulness. In nature Yellow can mean danger, just look at the number of animals which use Yellow as a warning as evidence for this fact. Yellow Use Yellow to decorate a child's bedroom. Take note: Yellow can get dirty fairly quickly, so perhaps decorate above a Dado rail if you have young children. Top Tip Green is one of the most natural colours, used by companies and environmental campaigners, these days Green is taken as meaning 'environmentally friendly' or 'healthy". To the individual Green can be a colour that calms and sooths, bringing peace and wellbeing. Green Green can be used to bringa natural feel to your room, contrasting well with existing wooden features and aspects. This can give a calm overall atmosphere, perfect for a bedroom. Top Tip Blue is by far the most calming of all the colours, and suggests a feeling of trust and loyalty. It's for this reason perhaps that it's so popular with companies and institutions such as hospitals. Both the sky and sea are blue in colour, and both are used to represent Blue Blue can be used to create a calm atmosphere in your home, bringing the shade darker can give your room a cosy feel during the darker months. Top Tip It is perhaps because it was the colour of the Caesars during the Roman period that Purple has come to mean wealth, royalty and power. Wisdom and mystery also come hand in hand with these traits, because of the overruling power and mystifying nature of Purple nobility. Purple can supplement a passively decorated room. This is especially true in the form or soft furnishings like cushions, and accessories such as lamp shades. Top Tip An Infographic brought to you by National Furniture UK ( Piktochart

Colours meaning and how to use them for your home

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Colours can be used to make a room stand out, but if not used correctly, they can make a room really hard to be in. This infographic shows the meaning of colours, and how they can be utilized for your home.






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