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Cleaning your Air Conditioner for Spring

CLEANING your Air Conditioner for Spring CLEANING THE OUTDOOR UNIT Turn off power to the appliance by using one of these methods: Simply pull out appliance shutoff. Pull down handle to appliance shutoff. Remove fuse to appliance shutoff. Flip the circuit that controls the outdoor unit. Remove the outer case of the unit and vacuum any debris from the condenser fins. Be sure to use an attachment that has soft bristles and Unscrew the grille and fan from the top of the unit. Hold both pieces carefully to ensure electrical wires and avoid bending any fins. connectors are not stretched. Some fans will not lift out with the grille, in these cases be sure to prevent any water from hitting the fan. Turn the unit back on and listen for strange noises that might be signs of damage to the unit. Wait 10 minutes and proceed to pull insulation away from pipes. One pipe should be cool to the touch and the other should be right around skin temperature. If these temperatures are not present, call a professional. Before restoring power, please use the following methods to avoid damage to the compressor: Do not start the outdoor unit if it has been without power for more than four hours. At the thermostat change the setting 24 from "cool" to "off". Then restore power to the unit leaving the thermostat "off" for 24 hours. After 24 hours change the thermostat setting to "cool" and adjust the temperature so that the outdoor units comes on. To avoid stressing the motor, anytime the thermostat is set to "off" wait at least five minutes before turning it back on. Never clean the unit when the outdoor temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. >60 CLEANING THE INDOOR UNIT Turn the furnace power off, check the filter and replace the filter if it is dirty. Lubricate any accessible ports within the blower compartment with electric motor oil and remove dust with a vacuum. Check the condensation drain for clogs, if any clogs are present pour a bleach solution (1 part bleach to 16 parts water) through the tube. Any flexible tubes should be removed and cleaned. You should have a pro clean the evaporator coil and lubricate the blower component periodically. Infographic provided by TUDI Mechaical Systems OLE

Cleaning your Air Conditioner for Spring

shared by Tudi on May 11
A little bit of spring cleaning goes a long way, especially with your home’s mechanical systems. All throughout the home, there are simple chores that you can complete that will help keep cash in yo...




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