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Canadian Real Estate: Cities vs. Suburbs

naVut. CANADIAN REAL ESTATE Cities vs. Suburbs UNIONVILLE THE ANNEX TORONTO CITY NEIGHBORHOOD: THE ANNEX SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD: UNIONVILLE Founded in 1974, this historic village has become a favored suburb of Toronto. It is made up of old The Annex is a well-known neighborhood that borders the University of Toronto, which is ranked as one of Canada's best schools. It's filled with and new housing developments, that is home to businesses catering to the student crowd, mostly families and a large Chinese Community. including vintage shops, bars, and cafes. The The downtown section is a major tourist attraction, with frequented spots like the Unionville Pub Arms & Grill, It is known for the local events, including neighborhood is home to some classic Toronto institutions, such as Honest Ed's department store and The Bloor Cinema. the Unionville Canada Day celebrations, the Markham Jazz Festival, and the massively popular Unionville Village Festival. AVERAGE AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE APARTMENT SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE DETACHED DETACHED APARTMENT $1,268,200 $476,000 $740,200 $361,200 MONTREAL ANJOU CENTRE-VILLE CITY NEIGHBORHOOD: CENTRE-VILLE SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD: ANJOU Located in the heart of the city, Quartier des Anjou is a getaway from bustling city life, offering Spectacles is the central spot for entertainment in some serious peace and quiet. It is a residential Montreal. The area is equipped with concert halls, area with a large retiree community. The art galleries, museums, and more. This is where neighborhood has tranquil community gardens most major festivals happen in Montreal, including and public parks. Residents frequent a large local Jazz Fest, and the Just For Laughs comedy festival. shopping mall, Les Galeries d'Anjou. Two major It has become a high employment area, with many highways cross Anjou, offering easy access to job opportunities in entertainment fields. other areas by car. п AVERAGE AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE DETACHED APARTMENT DETACHED APARTMENT $670,500 $325,500 $339,000 $222,000 LYNNMOUR DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER CITY NEIGHBORHOOD: DOWNTOWN SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD: LYNNMOUR Downtown is the bustling core of commercial and Lynnmour is located in beautiful North Vancouver entertainment business in Vancouver. Popular areas on the east side of the Lynn River. It's one of the can be found here, including the tourist favorite most affordable neighborhoods in the area for "Gastown", Yaletown, and Chinatown. Tons of housing. This is perhaps due to the close location high-rise buildings dominate the cityscape, which of Capilano University, which provides many are home to big business offices and residential students seeking rental apartments in the properties. Some of the cities best nightlife is here, neighborhood. It's home to the Seymour Demonstration Forest, that offers paved walking along with acclaimed restaurants like Le Crocodile and Nuba. You will also find top shopping trails for residents to take in the scenery. Rice Lake destinations at the Pacific Centre Mall. is located in this forest, which is used for fishing and skating during the winter! AVERAGE AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE DETACHED APARTMENT DETACHED APARTMENT $932,900 $373,300 $948,600 $347,500 BYWARD MARKET LINDENLEA-NEW EDINBURGH OTTAWA CITY NEIGHBORHOOD: BYWARD MARKET SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD: LINDENLEA-NEW EDINBURGH The Byward Market, or simply “The Market", is located in the Lower Town area of Ottawa, The Lindenlea/New Edinburgh neighborhood benefits from awesome location between the surrounding the large open air market. This neighborhood is known for being Ottawa's central location for shopping and nightlife, fluidly Rideau River and the Ottawa River. It's a quaint, unassuming area offering it's residents charming residential lifestyle. The neighborhood dates back to the First World War, and is one of Ottawa's first transforming from day to night activities. During the day, the area is swarmed with people searching for everything from fresh produce to artisanal crafts. Come night time, it becomes a thriving hub for bar planned areas. It presents a beautiful garden suburb style. Residents enjoy a local playground, community centre, and public tennis courts. The single family homes often have beautiful architectural style, along with large backyards and lush greenery. and restaurant goers. Street entertainment can always be found attracting crowds, along with horse drawn carriages taking tourists around the neighborhood. While it's not the best environment for families, it's a great place for young professionals and singles to live. п AVERAGE AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY DETACHED AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE APARTMENT DETACHED APARTMENT $850,000 $684,143 $788,580 $461,166 ARBOUR LAKE CALGARY BELTINE CITY NEIGHBORHOOD: BELTINE SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD: ARBOUR LAKE It's all about convenient location in Beltine, as it's Arbour Lake has been referred to as one of located directly south of Calgary's busy city centre. Calgary's best suburban neighborhoods. This is As of 2006, the neighborhood has been under a due greatly to the peaceful location on the lake redevelopment plan, which intends for high density from which the neighborhood gets its name. The condo developments and thriving commercial districts to flow through the area. Today you can lake provides the area with tons of recreational activities, like fishing, water sports, and simply walk through the busy streets and find just about enjoying an afternoon by the water. Residents have anything, from restaurants and cafes, to boutiques access to plenty of local amenities like yoga and high end shops. Popular spots include Clive Burger, Cilantro, and the Co-op Midtown Market. studios, pubs, and fresh groceries from Amaranth Whole Foods Market. It's a tight knit community full of friendly, welcoming neighbors! AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE APARTMENT DETACHED APARTMENT DETACHED $482,800 $283,400 $356,800 $202,700 WESTMOUNT CRESTWOOD EDMONTON CITY NEIGHBORHOOD: WESTMOUNT SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD: CRESTWOOD If you're looking for Edmonton's next big Crestwood is found in West Edmonton, located neighborhood, then look no further. Until recently, between the McKinnon Ravine and the McKenzie Westmount wasn't filled with much action, and Ravine. This scenic location allows for great needed revamping with all of the homes built before outdoor activities, like cycling and hiking along 1960's. It didn't take long for young families to local paths. It's known for the famous Candy Cane notice this centrally located neighborhood, and it's Lane, in which residents along 148th St. now filling up with excited new residents. The extravagantly decorate their houses over central location allows for lots of walking, especially Christmas. Other local attractions include along 124th street which boasts a thriving Crestwood Park arena, and great local shopping. Crestwood is recognized as a friendly area with commercial district. The Westglen School reflects the neighborhoods revitalization, as it's been lots of residents helping to improve community life. recently flooded with newly arrived students. п AVERAGE AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY AVERAGE DETACHED APARTMENT DETACHED APARTMENT $251,344 $269,322 $485,985 $212,000 OSBORNE VILLAGE TUXEDO WINNIPEG CITY NEIGHBORHOOD: OSBORNE VILLAGE SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD: TUXEDO Osborne Village sits in prime Winnipeg location and is the perfect place to live, work, and play. It's a True to it's unique name, Tuxedo is one of Winnipeg's most upscale suburbs. It's filled with gorgeously designed homes, many of which are grandiose mansions. Sprawling greenery highly mixed use area with lots of residential, commercial, entertainment, and recreational activity going on. It's considered to be one of the trendiest surrounds the neighborhood, creating a peaceful areas of the city and has won multiple atmosphere. Wellington Crescent is one of the neighborhood awards. Osborne Village is home to wealthiest streets in Manitoba, and is lined with the many of Winnipeg's popular artists, which has given neighborhoods largest homes. Residents enjoy the area an artistic character. The summer here shopping at luxurious boutiques, visiting comes alive with street performers and local events, Assiniboine Park Zoo, and golfing at the Tuxedo including the cities largest Canada Day celebration. Golf Club. There are over 175 businesses to check out here, including great restaurants and niche boutiques. AVERAGE AVERAGE SINGLE FAMILY DETACHED SINGLE FAMILY DETACHED AVERAGE AVERAGE APARTMENT APARTMENT $339,900 $147,400 $699,000 $322,900 Find out which urban or suburban neighborhoods in your new city are right for you with Navut's Neighborhood Finder tool! Visit to find your best neighborhood now! navut. Sources: Toronto Real Estate Board, Centris, Edmonton Real Estate Board, Ottawa Real Estate Board, Winnipeg Realtors, CREB, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

Canadian Real Estate: Cities vs. Suburbs

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A comparison of city and suburban real estate prices across Canada.




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