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Building Materials of the Future

Building Materials of We take a look at building materials the Future from the past, present & future 9,000 BCE 8,500 BCE 3,100 BCE Granite Limestone Brick Timber 20 Concrete 100 Glass 1926 1890 1866 700 Iron PVC Steel Asbestos 1950 Reinforced Concrete 1959 Float Glass 1982 1967 Plastic Tensile EFTE The Future Translucent Concrete Translucent concrete is mixed with glass fiber optical strands, which create a solid but sheer block. LitraCon, as the concrete is known, can be used in flooring and pavement. Sensi Tile The concrete of the tiles is embedded with acrylic fiber- optic channels that transfer light from one point to another. As shadows move across Terrazzo's surface, the light channels flicker with a randomized, twinkling effect. Electrified Wood This European-designed material incorporates a source of electricity directly into tables and chairs. Two metal layers are pressed between the wood of the furniture, making it possible to pass an electrical current through the whole thing. The 12-volt power is fed to the metal layers via one connector, and lamps, and other devices can be connected via the other. Kinetic Glass Living Glass, which was developed by architects So0- in Yang and David Benjamin, is a smart material is a transparent surface that automatically opens and closes gill-like slits in response to human presence to control the air quality in the room. Self Repairing Cement A new self-healing cement is currently being developed which has the ability to repair its own cracks. This cement is mixed with microcapsules that release a glue-like epoxy resin that will automatically repair any cracks that form in the sidewalk or roadway. In addition this cement will have the ability to regulate heat. Liquid Granite According to its creators, liquid granite has the ability to completely replace cement in concrete. The material is a lightweight and has the same load bearing capacity of cement, but is made of recycled materials. Sponsored By

Building Materials of the Future

shared by jade5sparks on Apr 09
We take a quick look at the history of building materials - from the creation of bricks to EFTE. We then take a look at some of the futuristic building materials of the future. This is sponsored by ww...




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