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A Bug's Life: Bed Bugs on the Move

A BUG'S LIFE: BED BUGS N THE MOVE BED BUGS BY THE NUMBERS 50: U.S. states with bed bugs 500+: Lifetime number of eggs laid by 1 bed bug 50 5: Minutes bed bugs drink blood for before releasing bite 12+: Months a bed bug can live without eating Hitching a Ride: Surprise Travel Companions Bed bugs are easily spread by... 1. Luggage and backpacks • Bugs enter bags at infested location Bugs can spread within luggage holds on planes 2. Used furniture and carpets • Bugs or their eggs can be hidden within the fibers 3. Public transportation • Bugs hide in upholstery • Bugs can spread to purses and backpacks 4. Clothing • Eggs may be attached to used clothing • Bugs may hide in clothing worn at an infested location BANNING BED BUGS: PREVENTION TIPS 1. INSPECT HOTEL ROOMS USE A FLASHLIGHT TO INSPECT MATTRESSES AND LINENS 2. DON'T PLACE CLOTHING IN HOTEL ROOM DRESSER DRAWERS 3. STEAM CLEAN USED FURNITURE 4. WASH CLOTHING IMMEDIATELY AFTER A HOTEL STAY SOAP 5. USE MATTRESS ENCASEMENTS BEATING BED BUG INFESTATIONS TOO LATE FOR PREVENTIO N? TRY THESE STEPS: 1. CALL A PEST CONTROL PROFESSIONAL Bed bugs are hard to eliminate, so professional help is needed 2. KILL WITH HIGH HEAT Dry clothes on high for 60 minutes 3. KILL WITH STEAM Use slow steaming: 1 foot per 15 seconds 4. KILL WITH COLD Freeze infested items for 2 weeks INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: 30 Burns Bed Bug Control BURNS Sources: bugs/bed-bug-facts-statistics/

A Bug's Life: Bed Bugs on the Move

shared by BrittSE on Aug 09
A single bed bug can lay more than 500 eggs in its lifetime! Find the best ways to protect your home from these pests by taking a look at this infographic from a bed bug control company in Phoenix.


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