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Budget Home Decor Projects: With Illustrated How Tos

PE (Budget] TaT HOME DECOR PROJECTS Plant Hanger You're sonna need... • scrap wood • terracotta pots • plants • rope • metal ring drill and 3/8" • jigsaw • sandpaper • paint and/or stain How to Make it Cut with jissan Iy" in from marked edge Mark and cut Drill Paint it Sand it Cor stain it) 4 Paint the pot Thread the rope and assemble Nice work. Now hang it up! Branch Ladder You're sonna need... JOY • long branches • short branches • 1" hole saw • 1" forstner drill bit • sandpaper • miter, or hand saw • razor blade or pocket knife How to Make it Clean and scrape Sand it down Saw the rungs to the same lensth Drill rungs Drill lons branches with forstner bit with hole saw Perfect circular ends! O Glve! Awesome. Si back and enjoy your work! Sharpie Dinnerware You're sonna need... • white dinnerware • lint-free cloth • sharpie marker • glass cleaner • oven • stencils (bought or homemade) How to Make it Stencil Bake for 30 MINS at 170°C Leave to cool... and you're done! Simple! Nautical Rope Towel Hanger You're sonna need... • eye bolts • thick rope How to Make it Thread rope through Attach eye bolts to wall and knot both ends Done! It's THAT simple. Lampshade Covers Youre sonna need... • plain lampshade • small ladies top How to Make it O Position over lampshade cut here fold in slve down Finished. Great job! Framed Jewellery Display You're sonna need... • old picture frame • three twigs or rods • paint • superglue How to Make it Glve Paint twigs Con the back) Hang it. Stick some jewellery on it Job done! Rustic Pallet Clock You're Sonna need... • wire spool pallet circle • paint / wood stain • clock mechanism • house numbers • screws How to Make it 12 11 10 () Paint or stain Screw on numbers Attach the mechanism Nicely done! Decorative Chair Backs You're sonna need... • chairs • pencil • craft knife • patterned paper • craft glue How to Make it (1) Unscrew chair back (3) Cut and slue to chair back (2 Trace chair back Chair back Patterned paper Creverse) Reassemble chair Beautiful. Now do the other chairs! Ribbon Memo Board You're sonna need... • foam board • ribbons • duct tape • scissors • self adhesive velcro dots How to Make it (1) Cut board Lay ribbons across board starting at the top and overlapping with the next and ribbons Tape the bottom of each to form a pocket Secure all the ends of ribbon with duct tape on the back Use the Velcro to attach it to the wall and you're done! Serving Tray You're sonna need... • chopping board long bar drawer handles • drill and drill bit • tape measure • pen / marker How to Make it Drill and screw Measure and mark Good job. You deserve a drink! brought to you by: PInternal Doors Open the possibilities

Budget Home Decor Projects: With Illustrated How Tos

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When decorating our homes, handmade touches can add a real personal feel to our surroundings. They allow us to put our own stamp on things and feel a sense of achievement. There’s nothing better tha...



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