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Bonsai tree Care - 8 tips for beginners

BONSAI TREE CARE 8. TIPS FOR BEGINNERS I. .... . IIII .. .... ... I.. ... HOW TO WATER HOW OFTEN SHOULD MY BONSAI? I REPOT MY BONSAI TREE? V When soil surface is slightly dry, start watering the plant, but avoid overwatering. V When leaves starts becoming yellow and the roots start drying; you should repot your bonsai. V The level of moisture has to be regulated at regular intervals of at least 12hrs for tropical regions. Cut down all damaged roots and remove the infected soil from the roots. HOW TO CHOOSE 6 Measure the moisture at top layer of soil to get best results. RIGHT POTS FOR BONSAI? A pot with extreme reliability, effective drainage and suitable airing should be used. DO I NEED TO USE FERTILIZERS FOR Pots made out of bonsai-friendly clay mixture should be used. MY BONSAI? V Regular fertilization is the fundamental part of effective bonsai tree care. HOW TO SAVE MY BONSAI FROM DISEASES 7 Three types of fertilizers are required: o Nitrogen- for proper growth. o Phosphorous- for proper root growth. o Potassium- for cell regeneration and production of fruits and flowers. AND PESTS? V You should provide proper light, aeration and drainage to bonsai plants. V Replenishing of soil, repotting and fertilization should be done as and when required. V For bonsai, 10:10:10 is the recommended fertilization ratio for optimum growth. You should immediately take the infected plant away from all other plants. V Water the plant before fertilization. V Fertilization shouldn't be done during dormant season of the bonsai plant. V Sterilization of all tools involved in repotting and pruning is important to ensure better health of bonsai plant. V Use liquid fertilizers for outdoor bonsai and solid fertilisers for indoor bonsai. CAN I STYLE MY 8 BONSAI BY MYSELF? WHAT IS THE BEST TEMPERATURE Styling bonsai requires proper pruning and wiring. FOR MY BONSAI? V Monitor temperature with the help of a thermome- ter and adjust the location of your bonsai pot accordingly. Pruning is the process of giving new shape to bonsai tree by cutting the branches in artistic manner. Outdoor bonsai plants in tropical region require warm temperature during wet season (50 to 70 Fahrenheit). Two types of pruning are important; o Structural pruning o Maintenance pruning. Do not keep plants directly under sunlight during summer. During wet season bonsai plants require min 5hrs of sunlight. V Structural pruning should be done once in a year, when branches are dormant. Maintenance pruning should be done with great care; only excessive branches should be squeezed. WHICH IS THE Wiring is done to articulate tree shape into desired position. BEST SOIL FOR MY BONSAI? * Bonsai plants are commonly grown in pots and so soil should be carefully selected. Bonsai soil mixture must have good water retention, drainage and airing. V Akadama is a perfect soil mixture, though it is extremely expensive and needs continuous reporting. V Peat moss, sand, and perlite can also be used as a mixture. References: © All Rights Reserved

Bonsai tree Care - 8 tips for beginners

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Infographics gives an in-depth explanation for 8 basic questions related to bonsai tree care.


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