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Bites at Night: A Look at Bed Bug Infestation

BITES AT NIGHT: A Look at Bed Bug Infestations SIGNS YOU HAVE A BED BUG INFESTATION BITES Bed bug bites are small, reddish welts that may be itchy Some people have no reaction at all to bed bug bites BLOOD SPECKS Look for spots of dried blood on sheets, mattress, and box spring Pay careful attention to the seams of the mattress EXOSKELETONS Bed bugs shed their outer layer of skin and leave it behind Exoskeletons look like little shells and may be on the mattress GETTING RID OF BED BUGS NO DIY Don't attempt to get rid of bed bugs yourself They're notoriously difficult to eradicate and you could make the problem worse GET PROFESSIONAL HELP Be aware of what methods the exterminator uses to get rid of the pests Heat and freezing treatments leave you open to re-in festation CHOOSE A RELIABLE EXTERMINATOR The exterminator should inspect your home before treatment Vacuuming, residual insecticides, growth regulators, and insecticide dust are most effective PREVENTING BED BUG INFESTATIONS CLEAN UP Get rid of clutter, especially around areas where you sleep Vacuum on a weekly basis and look for any signs of bed bugs DISCOURAGE INTRUDERS Be wary of used furniture, clothing, or books that you might bring home Bed bugs and their eggs are small and can be easily overlooked, so play it safe PREVENT HITCHHIKERS Inspect hotel beds when you arrive, and report signs of bed bugs immediately Inspect and wash clothing, shoes, and luggage when you get back home SOURCES: ments/a---d/bedbugs/diagnosis-treatment tion/everyday-prevention-tips/ PROVIDED BY: Advanced PEST MANAGEMENT WWW.ADVANCEDEXTERMINATING.COM

Bites at Night: A Look at Bed Bug Infestation

shared by BrittSE on Jul 16
Bed bugs love hitchhiking! Avoid bringing these critters home by inspecting hotel beds when you arrive and reporting signs of bed bugs immediately. Learn more by taking a look at this NYC bed bug trea...


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