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The Best Temperature For Your Home

THE BEST TEMPERATURE FOR YOUR HOME Everything has an optimal tamperature, setting the wrong temperature for the people, pets and items in your home can keep you constantly adjusting the thermostat, inevitably raising your electricity bill. Take a look at the ideal room temperatures for common household items, family members, task performances, as well as the high-heat producing items in your home that are stopping you from saving on your next bill. IDEAL ITEM TEMPERATURES Common household items contribute to your home's overall temperature. Take a peek at the following items and the temperatures they best perform in so you know how to set your thermostat and keep you from constantly changing its set points. KEY I BPT: Best Performance Temperature I IOT: Internal Operating Temperature I OT: Operating Temperature 0°F 105 F HARDWOOD 60 80 FLOORS I BPT FISH TANK 73 82 I BPT WOODEN 65 75 TABLES AND CHAIRS I BPT PETS 78 80 I BPT INFANT I BPT 65 80 ELDERLY 64 75 I BPT COMPUTER 68 71 I BPT I OT 50 82 FRIDGE 67 77 I BPT I IOT 32 40 55 100 I OT LG PLASMA TELEVISION I BPT 65 75 от 32 104 0°F 105 F TIP: Decrease the "wear and tear" on your AC by keeping the temperature consistent. Toggling it on and off increases the run-time of your unit as well as the amount of energy it uses. IDEAL TASK TEMPERATURES TASKS TEMPERATURE SETTINGS Here are some ideal pre-programmed temperature settings for the summer and winter in correlation to daily activities and the time they are performed. Here are some common tasks and the temperatures they perform at. 500°F. 0°F Sleeping 68°F Setting curls in your hair Daily routine Time of the routine Thermostat set points Thick hair: Taking a bath 96-104°F 430°F AM 12 Making an omlet 160°F Wake Winter Summer Leave 70°F 78°F Brewing Fine hair: green fea 10 320°F 11 170°F PM 12 62°F 82 to 85°F TIP: Turn down the thermostat while you leave your home or when you sleep by 10°F for a total of 16 hrs a day and save approxim ately 14% on a heating bill. (For one winter season) Return Sleep 10 11 COMMON HEAT PRODUCERS IN THE HOME These heat producing items create unwanted heat in your home and keep your AC unit running while increasing your electric bill 0°F 500°F LG PLASMA TV 32 104 Operating temperature of a TVv can get as hot as 104°F, so if you're not using it, turn it off! TIP: Using the sleep mode or power management features of your comp- uter can lower your electricity bills annually by $30* * Approximately DRYER 125 135 Air in the heater duct ranges from 200-300°F but cools down by 90-170°F while in the drum. COMPUTER 122 212 Computers can run as high as 212 ° F. Be sure to use sleep mode and dust the vents so it will run cooler. OVEN 225 475 An oven can reach temperatures of 475°F. Be sure to turn your oven off after use to keep things cool. STOVE TOP 140 500 Stove tops can run as high as 500°F. Never use your stove or oven to heat your house, as this method can be a serious fire hazard. 0°F 500°F KNOWING THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE FOR YOUR HOUSEHOLD ITEMS AND TURNING THEM.OFF WHEN NOT IN USE, CAN CREATE A MORE COST EFFECTIVE HOME. domyfloor.c om SOURCES: AC PRO ieh.e

The Best Temperature For Your Home

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Everything has an optimal temperature that it will perform best at. Setting the wrong temperature for the people, pets and personal items in your home can keep you constantly adjusting the thermostat,...


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