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Best Shower Practices for Healthy Hair & Skin

Best Shower Practices For Healthy Hair & Skin I hate to break it to you, but you may be showering all wrong. Did you know the way you shower can adversly affect the health of your skin and hair? Not to worry, experts have chimed in on best practices for your shower time. Common Shower Mistakes Gvoid Taking Long Hot Showers Strips natural oils from skin making it dry and increases chance of eczema. Gvoid Rough Towel Drying Compromises the outer layer of skin that protects your body from bacteria. It causes skin to dry out faster. Hot water brings blood circulation up to your skin which makes it itchy and rashy. Gently pat dry with a towel & apply lotion within 3 minutes of exiting the shower. Keep showers between 5-10 minutes at a warm temperature. Do a quick cold rinse at the end to seal pores and hair cuticles. Gvoid Using Ulra-Ldthery Shower Gels & Body Washes Bubbly soap is full of surfactants which Gvoid. Using Loofahs & Washoloths for too Long strips your skin of natural oils. They can harbor bacteria, mold, Avoid parabens, fragrances, triclosan, synthetic colors, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl & yeast. Using bacteria-filled sulfate, & sodium laureth loofahs can lead to sulfate. hair follicle infection. Use soap-free, water Dry loofahs by taking based body wash. out of the shower. Replace loofahs every Dove bar soap is the best recommended month or four weeks. product to use. Use a fresh washcloth and gym towel every day. Shaving Shampoo Avoid shaving until warm water X Avoid washing ends of hair to avoid dryness opens pores Use a fresh razor and thick shaving gel Focus shampoo on scalp, roots & neck to remove oils Follow up with cool water and moisturizer Follow up with conditioner to restore moisture Sources Prepared by © My. Teak Shower Bench

Best Shower Practices for Healthy Hair & Skin

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Have you ever thought about the way you shower, how often you shower, and how long you shower? It may have not been something that concerned you in the past but by checking out this infographic on the...


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