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Best cost effective veggies and herbs to grow at home

Best Cost effective Veggies & Herbs to Grom at Home Growing your own vegetables can be not only cost-effective but also convenient. Being able to just walk in your own garden and pick fresh and healthy vegetables and herbs to use on your meals while also saving some money in the process it is something everyone should try experiencing, whether you are an expert in gardening or not. Find out mhich are the best Cost effective Veggies & Herbs you can at home. Disclaimer: All vegetables listed are grown from seed or plants which won't cost more than a few dollars to acquire. They will grow in the majority of soils and climate conditions and they don't require great amounts of space. All data presented in this infographic are approximates based on real life experience. grom Tomatoes (Roma, Cherry & Big Beef) Zucchini Recommended growing Recommended # 1 growing March to Early spring #2 months: July season: Harvest ! Time: Cost / | Effectiveness: Harvest ! Time: Cost / Effectiveness: : Tips & Hints: : Tips & Hints: | Having a supply of tomatoes for the winter ! months adds value, since the I price of pounds of fruit tomatoes goes up in winter. Zucchini i produces the best I zucchini plant ' fruit in summer. It's best not to i overplant to A single A single tomato plant on average can yield up to 20 can produce an average of 50 - 60 days 60 - 85 : 6 to 10 pounds ! avoid an excess days of fruit. I of zucchinis at harvest. Lettuce Bell Peppers Recommended Recommended growing Spring & Late winter growing or early season: months: Summer #4 summer #3 Tips & Hints: Tips & Hints: : Effectiveness: Leaving some plants i unpicked will make A single bell the peppers turn pepper plant yellow or red and to sweeten; however Cost / Cost / Harvest Time: i Plant only a small Effectiveness: 'amount of seeds, Harvest Time: A single ($2.00 - $3.00) package of seeds can keep you ! supplied with freshi salad every day for 40 - 75 approximately five ! months if replanted ' every 2 or 3 weeks. otherwise the unharvested mature i lettuce will bolt. Use the remaining seeds for replanting throughout the growing season to ensure a can produce 70 - 90 days i six peppers on ! these plants will produce fewer the least. i peppers. days steady supply of fresh greens. Garlic Green Beans Recommended Recommended growing months: growing Mid fall early spring Mid Spring #6 season: Cost / Cost/ : Effectiveness: Harvest ! Harvest ! Time: : Tips & Hints: | Tips & Hints: I Be careful not to overwater the i plants once they are I mature to avoid save you up to losing the crop. i Also, save the ! remaining cloves for replanting the following season. Time: : Effectiveness: Planting and growing your own cloves can A single plant: can produce around 3 pounds of green beans i Harvesting early I and often will i guarantee the green i beans are tender ! and tasty, while also promoting i blooming, ensuring ' a steady supply the whole season. 7-8 months approximately seven times the garlic's market value. 50 - 60 days Basil, Rosemary and Parsley herbs Broccoli Recommended growing months: Middle to late spring Recommended growing #7 Spring & fall. #8 season: Tips & Hints: | Effectiveness: Herbs commonly i require four to six ! hours of sunlight per day, making them easy provide up to 50; to grow; you can grow your kitchen by setting up small i market's boughti pots near a window I that gets the required amount of sunlight. Harvest Cost / Harvest ! Cost/ : Tips & Hints: : Time: : Effectiveness: | A single plant can produce about 2 pounds of broccoli. Time: Broccoli can be blanched and frozen for up to one year. When watering, do not let developing heads get wet as it might ruin the crop. Each grown I herb plant can times more I them in 10 - 40 quantity than days 50 - 100; days package. There are other vegetables and herbs which are cost-effective to grow. But you should know that growing vegetables is about more than just saving money; growing your own vegetables and herbs means a healthier life for you and your family. Infographic broughtto you by: GardenAware .... . %23

Best cost effective veggies and herbs to grow at home

shared by shhrdy on Jul 16
Growing vegetables is not about saving cost and used up the natural resources. This is about healthy lifestyle and for passionist gardeners.


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