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The Basics of Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

THE BASICS OF Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Upgrading Your Air Conditioner Modern air conditioners are 30-50% more efficient than those made in the 1970s Replacing a 10-year-old air conditioner can save you I DNE Y 20-40% on your cooling costs On average, a home using air conditioning: Uses over 2,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year Causes power plants to give off 3,500 pounds of carbon dioxide Causes power plants to give off 31 pounds of sulfur dioxide SEER Ratings Seasonal energy The most efficient efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings units today are rated between indicate a unit's 17 and 21 SEER efficiency The higher the SEER number, the Older air conditioners may be rated at 6 or below more efficient the air conditioner is Features to Look For Compressor speed An A/C unit with a variable or two-speed compressor will operate more efficiently Communicating systems Provide improved comfort and energy efficiency Blower Variable-speed blowers give you more control to reduce energy usage and humidity while providing a more even temperature Options Look for a unit with a programmable fan switch for air movement without cooling when the weather is right Automatic delay The fan will keep running after the compressor is off to circulate cool air Filter indicator A light will come on when you need to check or change your air filter Programmable thermostat Set different temperatures for when you're home and when you're away Wi-Fi thermostats provide superior control and regulation ofyour home 68°. SET V Sound New fan blade design and compressor isolation create whisper quiet operation Provided by: EDİSON HEATING & COOLING Sources: central-air-conditioning buying-guides/airconditioning.html

The Basics of Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

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Efficient air conditioners tend to share many of the same characteristics: variable speed blowers, automatic delay, and programmable thermostats to name a few. Learn more about energy-efficient air co...


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