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Are You Taking Bed Bugs Along for a Ride?

ARE YOU TAKING BED BUGS ALONG FOR A RIDE? BREAKING DOWN BED BUGS • Eat blood of warm • Nocturnal blooded animals • Can lay 5 eggs per day • Eggs hatch in 7-20 days 9. |10 11 12 13 14 |15 16 | 17 18 19 |20 • Can survive 6-12 months without eating AN UNWELCOME SOUVENIR • Bed bugs often carried home from trips • Stow away in luggage, purses, and items purchased • Not tied to unsanitary conditions Bed bugs can be found in expensive hotels! Hotel Fancy Panta CAN ALSO BE CARRIED HOME FROM... MOVIE THEATERS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION -|D GYMS PLANES CLASSROOMS POST-TRIP BED BUG PREVENTION STRATEGY • Inspect all items thoroughly • Wash or dry clean all clothes immediately • Pay close attention to tourist items and souvenirs SIGNS OF AN INFESTATION Blood spots on sheets • Rust-colored excrement on bedding • Egg shells or shed skin in mattress lining • Musty odor from bed bug's sweat glands SAY GOODNIGHT TO BUGGY INVADERS ALWAYS HIRE A PROFESSIONAL TO GET RID OF BED BUGS IMPOSSIBLE TO END INFESTATION YOURSELF BED BUGS HIDE IN TOO MANY PLACES VERY DIFFICULT TO KILL MULTIPLE TREATMENTS REQUIRED PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS INCLUDE... STEAM HEAT CHAMBERS Infographic provided by: Arrow Exterminating Company, Inc. arget Alw ARROW EXTERMINATINS COMPANY, ING. Sources:

Are You Taking Bed Bugs Along for a Ride?

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Getting ready for a vacation? Keep an eye out for bed bugs! These pests stow away in luggage, purses, and items purchased on trips. Get tips for keeping bed bugs out of your home by reading through th...


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