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The Apartment NATION'S LEADING APARTMENT RESOURCE The Apartment & Home Rental Landscape What Do Renters Want? Every day the world of renting a home or an apartment changes with the wants and needs of the renters. The questions are, "What do renters truly want from their homes?" and "What is the current? status of the rental market?" Vacancy and Rental The Top 5 States For Vacancies and the Percentage Increase In Number of Renters since 2000: [1) FOR RENT The increase in renters from 2000 shows that people are renting apartments and homes more frequently, though there are still states with a great number of of housing units in the 34.9% U.S. are rented. [2) The average person in a one bedroom rental pays $900 a month at the Vacancy rates and % increase in [3] center of a city. renters information, indicates that the areas have plenty of both *That same person outside of the city pays $697on average a month. vacancies and renters. Average Cost of Rent in Popular Cities 20% of their income to pay for their living space. 31 Americans pay a pretty penny for their lifestyle in On average, those renting a some of the country's largest cities. home or an apartment, use over Cost of Rent For an Apartment or Home Per Month Minneapolis, MN Dallas, TX $575 O O $674 $945 O $914 O $1,316 O $1,600 $875 O $900 O Atlanta, GA O $703 Chicago, IL $881 O $1,358 O O $972 O $1,237 O $1,750 $1,397 O- $2,662 O Memphis, TN O $762 Orlando, FL $725 O $809 O O $795 O $1,170 O $1,625 $1,067 O $1,409 O 1 bedroom (Outside City Center) (City Center) (Outside City Center) (City Center) 1 bedroom 3 bedroom 3 bedroom Why Do Americans Move to New Neighborhoods? Of well over 12 million renters polled in a 2009 American Housing Survey: Over 20% relocated for their job. Around of respondents relocated to be closer to good 25% schools, leisure activities, public services and transportation or a friend or relative's location. Close to relocated because they liked the 21% layout of the living space or design of the new neighborhood. 34% cited "other," "all reasons," or did not respond. Reasons for Moving into a New Rental Home or Apartment Rental 0 1,448,000 of respondents cited their reason for moving as a combination of all factors listed. Reason Number of Individuals for Moving Who Moved (in Thousands) Financial Reason wwwV 3,846 Room Layout/Design **V 1,743 Quality of Housing Structure \V 231 Kitchen NN 65 The View LL\\\\\\\N 412 Total Respondents* Only Unit Available LLAX\XXXV 608 12,300,000 Size \\\\\\\\ILAN 1,398 Exterior Construction MI\\\\\V 350 Other W 2,198 Combination of All Factors AXXXXXXX \\\\V 1,448 *The US Census Bureau polled a total of 12,840,000 renters, of that 540,000 did not respond Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities To Live In 11, 12] Cost of Living Index Difference in Rent Cost New York City, NY 218 80 Brownsville, TX +$2,744 Honolulu, HI 171 84.1 Pueblo, CO +$1,866 San Francisco, CA 164 84.8 Ft. Hood, TX +$2,189 Washington, DC 141 86 Springfield, IL +$1,343 Fairbanks, AK 138 86 Waco, TX +$1,009 Most Expensive Cities O Cheapest Cities Conclusion While most people choose to move based upon their financial situation, it certainly doesn't mean amenities aren't a concern. It's hard to know exactly what every renter wants every time. However, growth of available housing units throughout the United States over the past twelve-year period has created more choices and better quality which in turn has led to a change in how people perceive renting. 131 Sources (1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] NATION'S LEADING APARTMENT RESOURCE There are millions of great apartments to rent and homes to buy in these areas as well as nationwide! Use and to get started today. Vacancies Renters South Carolina 14.3% %9'67 27.7% 13.2% Florida %0'EL 12.9% Nevada 41.1% Arizona 33.2% 12,3% Georgia 26.0%

The Apartment

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Everyday the world of renting a home or an apartment changes with the wants and needs of the renters. ~The questions are, “What do renters truly want from their homes?” and “What is the current...



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