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Answers to Your Questions About Bed Bugs

ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT BED BUGS WHAT DO BED BUGS LOOK LIKE? • Bed bugs are reddish-brown • About the size of Lincoln's head on a penny Small and flat, similar to an apple seed WHAT ARE THE SIGNS THAT I HAVE BED BUGS? Waking with red, itchy bites, frequently in a row Small, dark spots on the sheets, mattress, or box spring Dried bug skins around the edges of the mattress WHAT MAKES BED BUGS SO HARD TO ELIMINATE? • Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere, not just in beds They can go for months without eating They are resistant to pesticides WHAT SHOULD I DO IF ITHINK T HAVE BED BUGS? Research your options and be careful in choosing who you ask for help OPTIONS ABC Call a professional pest management company Keep in mind that DIY methods are ineffective and not recommended WHAT'S THE MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR BED BUGS? THERMAL REMEDIATION • A non-chemical way of treating bed bugs Uses heat to kill bugs and eggs that are hidden ш Requires secondary treatment in some cases PESTICIDE TREATMENT Useful in treating bed bugs Not 100% effective 100% Requires muliple treatments, every 2 weeks, 3-4 treatments total INTEGRATED APPROACH Bed bugs are first vacuumed from their hiding places Thermal remediation heats the air to I40°F Fans move the heated air throughout the infested area A light pesticide is applied to every room If any bed bugs survive the thermal treatment, the pesticide takes care of them INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: THERMAL CLEAN THERMAL CLEAN Gone for Good. Sources:

Answers to Your Questions About Bed Bugs

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Integrating thermal radiation and pesticide treatment is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs and prevent them from coming back. Discover the details about this technique by reading through t...


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