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The Anatomy of A Kitchen Oven

The Anatomy of A Kitchen Oven We all depend on our kitchen oven to cook our food properly and most of us use our oven on a daily basis. But how well do you know the parts which make up your oven and do you know how to care for these components so that you don't cause any long-term damage? OVEN DOOR Never let children use the open oven door as a step to climb onto worktops Leaving damp cloths/tea towels hanging on your oven door increases the risk of glass shattering Use a cloth with no 'foreign bodies'to clean your glass door and avoid using steel wool pads as Avoid resting meat trays or heavy objects on these can lead to fractures the door DOOR HINGES Hinges can stretch if excessive weight is applied to the oven door This can prevent the door from shutting properly, which can cause seal damage and heat loss DOOR HANDLE Use a soft cloth or sponge to rinse and dry the handle thoroughly Avoid using steel wool pads to clean the handle as these will damage the surface CONTROL DIALS Familiarise yourself with your oven's control dials- using incorrect cleaners on gold/brass dials can damage the lacquer DO NOT use steel wool pads to clean control dials as this will damage the surface FASCIA Temperature indicators on an oven fascia can easily peel off if the incorrect cleaners are used STOVE TOP/ BURNERS Turn all handles of pots and pans inwards to avoid Never leave cooking unattended on the stove top knocking them over Do not leave empty pots on hot burners Keep the stove clean -build-up of food particles and grease are a fire hazard Never use a pot that is too small or big for the burner CLOCK/TIMER -- -- -0 - . Make sure the clock is set to the correct time - if your oven has automatic timing functions these won't work if the clock is set to the incorrect time 20.- - 25 Always reset the clock after a power failure SHELVES Avoid caustic products as these can strip the oven's coating over time Take care when moving shelves or placing large dishes in the oven as there's a risk of damage to the temperature probe and rear fan cover Shelves should have a 'stop' in place to prevent them from falling out or tipping forwards BASE WARNING NEVER use liners in a gas oven A major health effect from Teflon is the potential release of fumes from Placing tin foil directly onto an oven base that has an element under the floor can cause enamel to crack overheated coated pans, which cause flu-like symptoms OVEN RACKS/ GRILL Make sure oven racks are firmly positioned before turning on the oven Ensure racks are firmly positioned in the moulded groves/spaces of the oven interior to avoid NEVER use tin foil to cover oven racks spillages and the risk of burns Most oven elements are hidden below the oven floor, but some are exposed - avoid applying cleaning products to it ELEMENT NEVER apply cleaning products directly to the heating element Check your oven manual to see where the element is located OVEN LAMP/LAMP COVER ! Usually located towards the back of your oven, the lamp and lamp cover is susceptible to breaking if a dish or rack is pushed into them with force EXTRACTOR FAN Before cleaning the extractor fan, make sure it's switched off at the mains Use a damp cloth soaked with soapy water to clean the fan Remove dirt in the fan by using a toothbrush WARNING! CAUSTIC SODA Make sure all controls are OFF and Caustic products can lead to damage to the interior of your oven and become extremely hazardous and corrosive when the oven is cool before cleaning. Failure to do this can result in accidental burns or electric shock. heated. Get the most out of your oven and ensure the components stay in the best condition by using a professional oven cleaning service. About The Author: Ovenu are leading and established UK oven cleaning and valeting specialists, with over 20 years' experience. Infographic Sources: • 444546 html?p%=6 • • • tType=PDF&Name=003675046.PDF oven oven valeting service

The Anatomy of A Kitchen Oven

shared by JW_2013 on Aug 09
Most of us depend on our trusty ovens to cook our meals for us. But how well do you know the anatomy of your oven? Our infographic dissects the household favourite and explains how to care for its a...




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