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The Anatomy of a Gas Grill

the ANATOMY of a GAS GRILL PARTS GUIDE 400 Temperature Gauge Temperature gauges measure the temperature inside your grill to enable more precise cooking. 300 500 100 370- 700 - "F Warming Rack Warming racks help you keep cooked food warm and provide extra space for more food on the grill. Grease Tray Grease trays and cups collect excess grease and drippings, channeling them away from burners. It is important to regulary empty the grease tray to prevent overflow. Cooking Grate Cooking grates are the workhorse of your grill. They are exposed to the most wear and tear of any part on your barbecue and for that reason require regular care and maintenance including cleaing and seasoning. 000 Igniter Igniters are the ignition source for your BBQ. If your igniter is not working check that the battery is good and that the electrodes are connected or Side Burner Side burners are attached to the deee side of some grills for additional non-grill cooking. not damaged. Flame Tamer Flame tamers minimize flare ups and extend the life of your BBQ burners by channeling grease and drippings away from the burners. Control Knobs & Bezels Control knobs allow you to adjust the flow of gas to the burners, which ultimately determines both the cooking temperature of your BBQ and flame height from each of the burners. Burner Burners are one of the most important parts of your BBQ because they are the primary source of heat for grilling food. Over time, burners can accumulate grease causing inconsistent temperatures and uneven flames. Carryover Tube Carryover tubes link the burners and "carry" the flame from one BBQ burner to the next. ESSENTIAL GRILLING ACCESSORIES Basting Brushes Barbecue grill basting brushes are the easiest way to apply sauces and marinades to grilled meats. Spatulas Turns and flips small to large Grill Covers Protect your barbecue from the elements. When not in use be sure Meat Thermometers Take the guesswork out of grilling by measuing the temperature of portion food with effective ease. to keep your grill covered. your meat to ensure doneness. For your grill parts & accessories | GRILLSPOT shop at GRILLZONE.CA Sources: The Top 10 Grilling Tips, Country Living GRILL PARTS & ACCESSORIES 00000 00000 00000 00000

The Anatomy of a Gas Grill

shared by SarahInfographics on Aug 10
Sure, you know how to grill a steak, or make a mean rack of ribs, but how well do you really know your gas grill? Did you know that your barbecue’s grease tray or cup should be emptied on regular ba...


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