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9 Reasons your neighbors hate you

Reasons Your 9 Neighbors Hate You If you're guilty of any of these offenses, don't expect an invitation to the neighborhood block party. BARK! 1. You're loud 2. Your lawn is a mess More than 90% of all noise escapes through doors and windows. A soundproof window can reduce noise levels up to 95%. Most plants only produce several hundred seeds, but a single weed can produce more than 100,000. 3. You're a parking hog The U.S. boasts the most motor vehicles per capita, with 765 cars for every 1,000 people. The average American household has 2,28 vehicles. 4. You don't curb your dog 5. You don't maintain your sidewalk Not picking up dog waste can cost you. In New York the penalty is $250.00, in London, it's as much as $700.00. If someone is injured in a slip and fall accident on your property, you may be issued a citation by your city, or worse yet, liable. However, homeowner's insurance usually covers at least a portion of the damages. ? 6. You're color blind According to the Cost vs. Value Report, replacing vinyl siding is one of the least expensive, highest impact home improvements with a consistently high ROI. 7. Your floodlights 8. Your roof is are intense Some British studies suggest that security floodlights may actually aid criminal activity. shedding Shingle warranties run from 20 to over 50 years, but manufacturers can void the warranty if installation instructions were not properly followed. 9. Your tree is hazardous If your improperly maintained tree damages your neighbor's house, your neighbor could file a lawsuit against you and your insurance premium would likely increase. Sources: 1/ http://dsc. discovery com/cars/op-10/crazy-car-facts/04.hel htp:// Americoss-Den-2-21-Vebidles-Per-Hausehold-20437/ wesde htp://www.remodellng apahtip://codes. lo Andlaw com/aycode/ADC/7/2/7-210htp: //www.ohmidag com/2009/03/26/he-poop-on-poap-lows/ htp:// pooper-pooper-scoaper-parks-commisioner-odrlan-benepe htp:// htp:// phpfid-loas htp:// hml htp://www.inspectapedia com/roof/RooPwarrantiss htm htp://bucks bloga. IMPROVEMENT CENTER BARK!

9 Reasons your neighbors hate you

shared by jvartabedian on Apr 11
Do your neighbors scowl every time they see you? Maybe you're guilty of these offenses!


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