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8 of the World’s Most Unusual Homes

THE WORLD'S MOST UNUSUAL HOME DESIGNS WHICH HOUSE WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Moving into and setting up your new home is an exciting time for anyone - especially if you're able to get creative with the design. If you feel Like you could use some inspiration to design your future home - this is just for you. 1 TRANSPARENT HOUSE, JAPAN If you say you have nothing to hide, try spending a few nights in the see-through house located in Tokyo, Japan. Made up almost completely of transparent glass, the house is made up of 21 'platforms', each of which can serve as a working, resting, sleeping or living space. Based around the concept of a 'tree', each platform is linked to each other by movable or fixed stairs and ladders, making it seem like an enormous loft. SKATEBOARD HOUSE, USA The Skateboard House allows you to skate on all the surfaces, both in and outdoors. Each space is skateable as the ground becomes the wall then the ceiling in a continuous surface forming a tube of a 10ft radius. The furniture is also skateable, whether it is integrated in the curve like the sitting area, the kitchen or the bathroom or just as standing object like the dining table, the kitchen Island or the bed. 3. OLD WATER TOWER TURNED INTO MODERN HOME, BELGIUM Architect Mauro Brigham of Bham Design Studio has repurposed an old water tower in Belgium, simply known as Chateau d'eau, into a livable home. The 30-meter-high tower, has been transformed into a high-tech, modern residence that offers all the amenities of a typical house, from a bedroom and bathroom, to storage space and a panoramic terrace. The home comes fully equipped with the latest IT technology and an advanced domotics system that allows one to control various facets of the home. This includes anything from controlling the intensity and colour of lights to the temperature of each room and the volume level of music playing on a sound system. 4 DICK CLARK'S FLINTSTONES INSPIRED HOME, USA The house came from the idea of Architect Phillip Jon Brown who suggested to create a house that looked like a rock formation since it is situated next to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area. Aside from its impressive design, this home also offers a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, Boney Mountains and Los Angeles. The Flintstones house listed for $3.5 million in 2012. 5 STONE HOUSE, PORTUGAL M0 The "House of Stone' stands on a remote hillside in northern Portugal. The house was built in 1974 as a family's rural retreat, but in recent years it has attracted the attention of tourists and architecture enthusiasts alike for being so perfectly integrated into its natural surroundings. Interest in the stone house has grown to the point that the current owner, Vitor Rodrigues, has had to move to find solace from the curious visitors. 6. GIANT SEASHELL HOUSE, MEXICO This amazing shell-shaped house was designed by architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica and built in 2006. As strange as it looks, it's a real house built for a young family with two children who were tired living in a conventional home and wanted to change to one integrated to nature. Inspired by the work of Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright, the house is dominated by smooth surfaces, spiral stairs and natural plantings that makes it feel like you're living inside a snail. HELIOTROPE, GERMANY The home takes full advantage of the sun by rotating with it, allowing daylight to course though its triple-pane) windows and energize its large roof-mounted solar array and solar thermal pipes. The brainchild of Architect of Ralph Disch this rotating solar home was the seed for the extraordinary Sonnenschiff Solar Development and the modern solar movement in Germany. The result is one of the first zero-energy modern homes in the world- one that actually ends up generating five times the energy it consumes. DANCING HOUSE, PRAGUE The Dancing House was constructed between 1992 and 1996. This unusual house features a deconstructive style of architecture. The house is also known as Fred and Fingers because it resembles a dancing couple, symbolizing the popular dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This house is the outcome of the joint venture of the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić and Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. Cr2 GoodaleMillerTeam FINE HOMES & ESTATES CENTURY 21 MILLER REAL ESTATE LTD. BROKERAGE Located in Oakville, Ontario, The Goodale Miller Team is the #1 team in Canada for Century 21 13 years running.

8 of the World’s Most Unusual Homes

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Our latest infographic features some of the most unusual, unique and awe-inspiring home designs in the world today. From a Flintstones inspired home to an ultra modern transparent home in Japan, this ...




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