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8 Colour Schemes From Nature For Your Home and Mind

8 colour schemes from nature for your home and mind COOL CUCUMBER Grey undertones help keep a cucumber colour scheme current. Energetic accents of butter yellow stop this scheme from looking drab. #1F2709 MOODS SPACES #363E18 • Calm • Bedroom #6A723F • Cool • Conservatory #FCF1B6 • Refined #F1F3FO MORNING GRAPEFRUIT A bold all-over colour scheme, ideal for feature walls in kitchens and living areas. To cool citrus down, add turquoise or refine with a dark brown. #D42E3B MOODS SPACES • Bright • Energetic • Warm #F28605 • Kitchen I #F69D05 • Breakfast bar I #F8B704 • Living area #F3F4F0 COCO LOCO Use a husky coconut colour scheme with refined greys and warm whites to inject a sense of reggae tinged sunsets into your interior space. I #3FOF02 MOODS ROOMS #8B2COE • Chill · Bathroom • Warm · Entertaining • Lounge #F09344 #COB4A2 • Clean #FFFCF4 • Bathroom FEELING FIGGY A natural triadic colour scheme, pairing a red/purple with green and tonal orange is ideal for a refined and warm feature space. I #6A1F37 MOODS ROOMS • Lounge · Bedroom #F45D3A • Mediterranean I #DBBF6B • Cool I #F1B881 • Fresh . Office space #F5EEDB SPRING FLOWER Pair accents of tonal yellows or muted greens with yellow whites for a lively spring space. Use colour sparingly to keep the area fresh. #ЗЕЗВОО MOODS SPACES #717300 • Vibrant • Kitchen I #EFB704 • Lively • Fresh • Bedroom I #FFCDO4 • Conservatory #F4F4F2 • Bathroom PASSION Feature walls in warm passion fruit work boldly in kitchens and bedrooms. Cool this colour scheme down with splashes of green and turquoise. #7E223E MOODS SPACES #F9758A • Warm • Kitchen I #F38B05 • Bold • Bedroom I #FFC139 • Rich • Lounge #FFF0F9 DEEP AVOCADO Although still recovering from the 80s, restrained use of avocado works fantastically in rooms with Focus on the blue/green hue. wooden irface I #6E421A MOODS SPACES #578540 • Healthy • Kitchen I #BABD33 • Bold • Bedroom I #F2E9AD • Retro #F1F1F3 POMEGRANATE MOLASSES Keep this colour scheme warm and refreshing by focusing on white and using one of the shades of crimson. Pair with a bright spring green or tan. #250003 MOODS SPACES #5C0001 • Vibrant • Kitchen #8D0202 · Earthy • Living room I #ECD2A6 • Rustic • Lounge • Bedroom #F3FЗEF VANESSA ARBUTHNOTT

8 Colour Schemes From Nature For Your Home and Mind

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8 Colour Schemes From Nature For Your Home and Mind Cool Cucumber Morning Grapefruit Coco Loco Feeling Figgy Spring Floweer Passion Deep Avocado Pomegranate Molasses Check out more here: www.Vanessa...


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