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7 Ways to Help Your Air Conditioner Live Longer

WAYS TO HELP YOUR AIR CONDITIONER LIVE LONGER AVERAGE LIFESPAN OF AN AIR CONDITIONER: 10-1 JAHY JAY JAY LENGTHENING YOUR A/C'S LIFE 1 Regular maintenance Like your car, your A/C unit needs to be serviced regularly for its own good Have your unit inspected before summer arrives in case it needs repairs Repairing a small problem now prevents it from becoming bigger and more costly 2 Regular cleaning Call HVAC repair specialist to have your unit cleaned before Certain components, like compressors, are exposed to the outdoors summer arrives Dirt and debris can clog coils, making the system less efficient 3 Duct cleaning Dirty ducts can make your A/C less efficient Your HVAC company should be able to handle this job for you Energy bills can go up, and the extra usage can shorten the unit's life 4 Quality products Not all air conditioners are created equal Be sure to choose a unit made of durable parts from a reputable manufacturer Check the warranty on the overall unit and its individual parts 5 Unit location An A/C unit sitting in the sun all day has to work harder If you have enough clearance, you can use bushes or trees for additional shade Place the unit on the shady side of your house 6 Thermostat operation FAN ON HEAT OFF Set your thermostat to 78°F when you're home and 80°F when you're away 78° ROOM SET Saves your unit from working hard when there's no one home Also saves you money on your energy bills FAN ON OFF HEAT 80° ROOM SET 7 Filter changing Check your filters every 30 days to see if they need changing Clean filters help your A/C unit work at its normal capacity Dirty, clogged filters prevent cool air from flowing freely into your home and can also damage your system INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: ESIES Estes Heating & Air Conditioning SERVICES Sioe Sources: //,20219708 20496513,00.html AUTO AUTO 1003

7 Ways to Help Your Air Conditioner Live Longer

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When did you last change your air conditioner filter? It is important to check the filter every 30 days to see if it needs changing. Get other helpful ideas by checking out this infographic from an A/...


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