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7 Best Moving Tips

to stay sane ways during your move Moving is hard. Even after the last box has been taped up and tossed (gently) into the moving truck, you still have an entire life-coworkers, friends, your favorite local coffee shop-that can't be packed up and taken with you. And things only get harder once you finally make it to your new destination. There's unpacking, getting acquainted with your new neighbors and setting up utilities among a thousand other errands. To make your transition easier, here are some tips to minimize the stress of moving: 1 Schedule your services early MAY Some utilities can take days to set up. The sooner you start the process of getting water, waste removal, electricity, Internet and TV services set up, the less likely 14 you'll be hosting a housewarming party in the dark. 2 Change your address online Try not to spam your old home's new occupants with unpaid medical bills. To make sure all your mail gets carried to your new address, you can fill out a Change of Address form online at 3. Get free boxes! oranges Paying for boxes is a rookie mistake. Liquor and grocery Awesome Cereal! stores are constantly throwing out used boxes and will usually give them to you for free. You won't know what you're missing until you load the entire contents of your bedroom into a giant Malt-O-Meal box. BATHK 4. Use colored tape KITCHEN KITCHEN Once you tape up a box, it tends to look like KITCHEN every other box in your house, Permanent marker isn't particularly conspicuous, so we propose a brighter solution. Color-coded tape with big, bold text like U-Haul's Smart Move tape will prevent the frustration of your bathroom supplies winding up in the kitchen. 5. Sell or give away what you don't use Moving isn't easy, but when you pack along your wardrobe from high school, it's nearly impossible. Decide in advance to sell anything you never use and give away old clothes or other items. Saying goodbye to your JNCOS is hard, but less clutter will make your move less stressful. 6. Take a digital inventory Apps can help get you and your stuff organized. Use these helpful tools to take an inventory of your belongings and categorize items by room, category, or tags. This is especially helpful if you're using a professional moving company, which increases the likelihood of your belongings getting lost or stolen. 7 Scout out your new neighborhood online Thanks to apps like Foursquare and Twitter, and sites like, you can get to know your new neighborhood before you move. Find popular hotspots, track upcoming events, and see what people are saying about your new area before you even get there. Visit for more tips on getting set up with Internet, TV, and voice in your new home. ...........

7 Best Moving Tips

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