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7 Advantages of Ductless Split Air Conditioners

7 ADVANTAGES OF DUCTLESS SPLIT AIR CONDITIONERS ; A ductless split air conditioner is one of the most revolutionary, comfortable and convenient ways to improve your standard of living with convenience of a modern cooling system. The air conditioning is broken into two sections; the indoor and outdoor units. The system has no ductwork, hence its name. Indoor unit The wall-mounted interior component of the system is responsible for sucking air from a room and passing it through the refrigerant tubing for cooling. The cooled air is then forced back into the Air filter Blower room after filtration. This wall mounted Evaporator (cooling coils) unit has an evaporator coil, fan, expansion valve and air filters. Outdoor unit Fan The external unit consists of the compressor, condenser fan and the condenser. It is basically a heat exchanger that cools and compresses the refrigerant into a liquid. Condenser Compressor (condenser coils) Here are 7 advantages of installing a ductless split air conditioner in your home. It's good for your wallet - 1 the most energy-efficient of all air conditioners It's good for the earth eco-friendly design and manufacturing It's completely unobtrusive - no ducts It's quiet and convenient 4 - peaceful silence Incredible versatile and flexible - 5 units can be placed in the ceiling, on the wall, or on the floor Controlled from 6. a handheld remote Flexible installation allows 7 for units to be installed in hard to cool areas For more information, Belyea Bros. visit Since 1908 Heating & Cooling

7 Advantages of Ductless Split Air Conditioners

shared by Zainpbs on Jun 26
Why all the craze for ductless split air conditioning? What should it matter? Well there are several reasons why people go with ductless air conditioning and here are the 7 advantages if you want to k...


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