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6 Dangerous Household Bugs

Danger of 6 Household Bugs That Can Kill You & How To Get Rid Of Them Bedbugs types of 11 bacteria Transmitted • Anthrax • Paratyphoid fever • Plague Pneumonia • Septicemia, • Tuberculosisand • Typhoid fever. 41 human diseases 6HR types of Virus • Encephalomyelitis • Influenza • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis • Poliomyelitis • Smallpox • Yellow fever. House Flies Carry 200 bacteria 11R Pathogens Diseases Like Polio Cholera Нерatitis Dysentery Mosquitoes Malaria Filariasis Yellow fever 700 Million people Dengue Encephalitis Get a mosquito borne illness each year resulting in Million Deaths Mosquitoes transmitting Malaria Kill 2-3 Million People every year Cockroaches CARRY E. coli streptococus kinds of Salmonella species 33 Staphylococcus Bacteria &imnt Spread Diseases: Diarrhea Туphoid fever Cholera Leprosy Dysentery Allergies Plague Asthma Wasps Causes Asthma Allergy 500,000 people Hospitalized stinging. per year for Fleas Murine typhus Itching Skin infection Spread Diseases Plague Flea's bacteria (Yersinia pestis) killed 25 million people How To Get Rid of Bedbugs Spray pesticides labeled for use Use a stiff brush on baseboards, furniture, curtains, mattresses, and walls to remove any eggs that are laid by bed bugs. Treat all areas with alcohol. Vacuum often with a HEPA filter. against bed bugs. Professional Service 24 Rate per treatment 75 cents to Sg. 1 dollar per 2 or 3 Treatments Required House Flies Use homemade fly traps: To make homemade fly traps all you need is a wide-mouthed jar, some sugar water, and a paper cone. Using Fly papers. Professional Service COSTS 100-300 Mosquito Remove anY standing wăter sources around your yard. Try using lavender spray before you go out in the evening. Professional Service $500 $700 per year Cockroaches Make sure to store any boxed pantry items in air tight containers. Eliminate clutter and paper stacks where cockroaches may live. Scatter the roach traps around your home and mix the roach bait with flour, peanut butter and water to make a paste. Put this paste in inconspicuous areas around your home where the roaches will find it, eat it, share it with their friends and die. Professional Service $30 to $60 per month or $75 to $125 per quarter Wasps Grow plants that deter wasps : • wormwood, • eucalyptus, • mint • citronella Use Soap Sprays Put up Fake Nests Professional Service Average $100-$150 for several treats. Fleas Use carpet spray & also spray your yeard Sweep tile and wood floors, focusing on baseboards and crevices. Fog Your House Professional Service Average Americans spend about $75 - $250 $9 billion for initial and follow up treatment a year controlling fleas. Sources: Brought to you by: Designed by: BDHIRE com ------ ------- SPREAD --------------

6 Dangerous Household Bugs

shared by marieajarin on Apr 19
There are a number of dangerous common household bugs around your house. This infographic will show you how they are dangerous for your family.




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