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5 Things Smart & Savvy people Do To Save Energy In Their Homes

THINGS 5. SMART PEOPLE DO TO SAVE ENERGY IN THEIR HOMES #1 insulate Smart people insulate their homes so that valuable heat or cooled air doesn't escape and they don't overpay for excesive operation of their heating and cooling system. They insulate attics, ducts, doors, windows and floors. HOW DOES IT HELP? - Reduces costs of HVAC by 40% Saves up to 20% on energy bills ROI: retrofit # 2 Smart people retrofit their home's lighting fixtures that use incandescent light bulbs with highly efficient and long lasting LED or CFL lights. HOW DOES IT HELP? - CFLS use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. - LEDS consumes even less energy than CFLS HVAErre - Both types of bulbs last 10 to 50 times longer. ROI: #3 upgrade Smart people switch to "Energy Star" appliences which are 20% more energy efficient than non-energy star versions. HOW DOES IT HELP? - Saves up to $100 per year with an "Energy Star" rated refrigerator - Saves around $40 per year on a dishwasher or washing machine with the "Energy Star" rating ENERGY STAR ROI: program #4 Smart people install programmable thermostats and learn how to use them effectively. They program them to control heating/cooling during the day and night time and in each living area individually to ensure the amount of energy used is proportional to the real need. nest HOW DOES IT HELP? AIRWAVE 72 - Reduces heating/cooling bills by 10% to 30% - Ensures comfortble room temperature when and where you need it ROI: #5 turn it off Smart people have a habit of turning the lights off when they leave the room, as well as unplugging equipment like laptops, desktop computers, toasters, coffee makers, TVs and chargers when they are leaving the house for a long time (vacation, weekend, business trip). HOW DOES IT HELP? - Teaches you not to waste energy and use it only when its needed ROI: SOURCES Infographic by warmyourfloor. the radiant floor heating experts

5 Things Smart & Savvy people Do To Save Energy In Their Homes

shared by netnav on Jan 12
This infographic shows 5 best practices that savvy home owners follow to optimize their energy use and lower their energy bills.


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