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5 Steps to Take at the First Sign of Bed Bugs

STEPS T O TAKE AT THE FIRST SIGN OF BED BUGS 1) INSPECT YOUR HOME LOOK for signs of bed bugs if you suspect an infestation WATCH FOR: BITE MARKS on your skin SHED BUG SHELLS in your home BED BUG FECAL STAINS on your furniture BLOOD STAINS on bedding or pajamas NOTIFY THE MANAGER MANAGER IF YOU LIVE in an apartment, condominium, or rental home, alert the property manager if you find signs of bed bugs REQUEST an inspection and treatment from a licensed pest control company CALL A S PROFESSIONAL CALL a pest control company immediately if you're the property owner DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TREAT THE PROBLEM YOURSELF DIY bed bug treatment is not very effective CONSUMER- GRADE pesticides are rarely effective against bed bugs TRYING to treat the infestation yourself can worsen the problem DELAYING professional treatment gives the bugs more time to multiply VACUUM YOUR 4 FURNITURE | CLEANING your belongings can help slow the infestation while you wait for an exterminator KEEP BED BUGS OUT ONCE THE BED BUGS ARE ELIMINATED, TAKE STEPS TO PREVENT ANOTHER INFESTATION Prevention is the best measure that you can take against bed bugs AVOID BRINGING BED BUGS INTO YOUR HOME Inspect hotel rooms before you settle in Check any used furniture for signs of bed bugs before bringing it home IF YOU ENCOUNTER BED BUG S WHILE TRAVELING Run your clothing through the dryer on the highest heat setting Disinfect your suitcases with appropriate pesticides PROVIDED BY: SOURCES: PAYNEPEST MANAGEMENT https://www.learn- from-bites-to-exterminators-486/?utm_source=CJ&utm_medium=affiliate Termite & Pest Control Professionals PAYNEPESTCONTROLOC.COM

5 Steps to Take at the First Sign of Bed Bugs

shared by BrittSE on Apr 01
As long as you take the proper steps, you can eliminate your bed bug infestation and prevent a new one from occurring! View this infographic for a look at 5 steps that you should take.


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