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4 Animals That Can Destroy Your Yard

4 Animals That Can Destroy Your Yard # 拍 佳 Deer tend to target ornamental shrubs, plants, and sometimes even trees when they rub their antlers against them. They are also known to trample plants as they wander around your yard. Cats are known to dig and scatch in gardens and landscaping areas, causing damage to plants. They may also use these areas as a large litter box, which can lead to damaged plants and disease ------------- Rabbits love to eat plants, buds, vegetables, small branches, and stems. This is especially damaging to evergreen trees or shrubs, which often do not recover from the damage, Aside from eausing structural damage to buildings due to loraging. squirrels are known to chew through wood, insulation, shingles, aluminum, and electrical wires. "How do 1 keep them out?" Choose an ultrasonie or sonie device as a sound deterrent that varies in frequency. duration, and sequence - as opposed to one that just repeats. A visual device with owl-like properties can help scare off small critters but it must appear to move, One option is a large orange sphere that has holograms on the front 目 Netting is a good choice as a physical barrier to guard a particular area such as a tree, air conditioner, or roof perimeter. Red pepper spray is a popular taste aversion for discouraging deer, squirrels, and rabbits from eating particular greens. Cyclone Rake 888-531-7253

4 Animals That Can Destroy Your Yard

shared by cyclonerake on Apr 19
Everyone knows that animals can damage to a garden or lawn. Learn about a few of the most unsuspecting animals that do this and tips to keep them away!




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