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31 Clever Uses for a Lemon

31 Clever Uses for a emon Lemons are plentiful, but these little yellow fruits are often underused. See how you can get the most out of this citrus fruit! Cleaning Power Clean bathroom items D made out of chrome. Get rid of ants. 2 Spray lemon juice to disrupt ants' scent trails, stopping them from following each other. 2 Cut a lemon in half, and scrub it directly on to remove hard water stains.' 2 Make an all purpose, environmentally friendly cleaner. Clean chopping boards. 4 Cut a lemon in half and rub it Combine vinegar with lemon peel and spray on anything with salt on chopping boards to clean and disinfect them. you need to clean. Get copper shining. Remove rust stains from clothing. Rub sea salt and lemon juice on copper. Let it sit before scrubbing and rinsing.5 Rub lemon juice and salt directly on the stain. Let it sit for a few hours and then wash. 8. Get rid of weeds. Brighten whites. Deter cats from your garden. Douse unwanted Add 4 cup of lemon juice along with your regular laundry detergent. Squeeze a lemon into a litre of water, add 2 dozen drops of eucalyptus oil, shake and spray. plants with lemon juice, vinegar and boiling water." Kitchen Hacks 10 11 Кеер avocados fresh. Stop cut apples going brown. Rubbing lemon juice on Mix a little water and your avocado will keep it from browning.10 lemon juice and soak your cut apples." 12 13 Кеер your fridge smelling fresh. Balance out salty dishes with lemon juice. Dab lemon juice on a cotton ball and put it in the fridge for a few hours.12 Add one or two drops to any dish you've accidently over-seasoned.13 14 15 Make lemon ice cubes. Use as a substitute for salt. The citric acid in lemon juice Add lemon juice to your and zest is a flavour booster ice cube tray and fill with to rival salt and pepper 16 water. 14 when cooking.15 Clean your microwave. Add the juice of one lemon into ½ cup of water, microwave for 3 minutes and wipe down.16 Freshening Up Your look 17 18 19 Whiten your teeth. Strengthen your hails. Reduce blackheads. Rub lemon juice Mix lemon juice with baking soda and apply to your teeth with a cotton bud before Soak your nails in on your face, and your blackheads will start to fade." a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil." brushing." 20 21 22 Give your hair natural highlights. Help reduce a dry scalp and dandruff. Make a natural smelling body scrub. Apply lemon juice to your hair Putting lemon juice on your scalp will help reduce dryness and Mix lemon with sugar or salt and scrub on your skin in the bath or shower.18 and sit in the sun till it dries." get rid of dead skin.7 lетon Aid 23 24 Make an impromptu mouthwash. Remove warts. Rinse your mouth with lemon juice for fresh breath. 19 A dab of lemon juice applied to the wart over a few days can help dissolve the wart completely.20 25 26 Relieve coughs. Soak tired feet. Sip hot lemon water with honey to reduce mucous.21 Mix lemon juice, olive oil and buttermilk. Soak for 15 mins.22 Te Zesty Alternatives 27 28 29 Polish your leather shoes. Make invisible ink. Use lemon peel as firelighters. ink Mix one part lemon juice and two parts olive oil and apply to Dip a cotton swab into lemon juice and write Simply dry them out and add kindling to start your message on a piece of white paper. Hold to lamp to reveal.24 shoes. Let sit for the fire.25 10 mins, then buff.23 30 31 Get berry stains off your hands. Soften hardened paintbrushes. Rub a paste of Bring lemon juice and water cornmeal and lemon to a boil. Add the juice onto your hands. Let sit and rinse.26 paintbrushes and let sit for 15 mins. Wash and rinse.26 you need to clean, beautify or add some zest to your cooking, chances are you can do it all with a lemon! Whether SOURCES Berry, S. (2009). How to remove limescale. 2Safeguard. (2017). Getting Ride of Ants. *Eykemans, G. (2015). 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31 Clever Uses for a Lemon

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We’ve packed 31 of the best uses for a lemon into our new infographic. It took some work to narrow this list down, but we’re sure you’ll use plenty of these tips around your home.


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