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15 Ways to Make your Home Energy Efficient and Reduce Utility Bill

15 Effective Home Improvement Ideas to Make it Energy Efficient l II Americans spend We are paying for the energy that is wasted in our homes $130 billion a year on wasted energy How much Energy Are We Wasting? The amount of energy wasted by 75,000 average American homes in a single year is equal to the waste The amount of energy wasted by the US in 2012 could power the United Kingdom for 7 years that occurred in the 2010 BP Oil Spill How to Reduce Energy Wastage Replace Incandescent bulbs with LED indoor Lamps Saves: $40/month Wifi/Learning/Programmable Thermostats These are smart thermostats which can be controlled using your phone. They auto adjust based on whether the hour is occupied or not. Can reduce your electric/gas bill by upto $180/year 701% Saves: $180//Year Auto turn off charging Change Air filters on time stations If you are using an average of $100 per month on heating/cooling energy then you can save as much as $45 if you change your air filter regularly. Charges suck as much as 8% of a home's total power for nothing. So use smart charging stations. These charging stations turn off automatically after the device is fully charged. Saves: $180/Year Shower head with Dual Flush toilets drip feature These shower heads These toilets reduce your water wastage as it uses a dual flush which means uses water as you need it. A family of 4 can save as much as $100/year in water and sever bill using dual flush toilets would drip instead of running continuously while you lather a soap. Ideally you want to turn it off completely. Saves: $40/Year Saves: $100/Year Use light dimmers Use the brightness only as much as you need using light dimmers. These dimmers can save up to $15 for every $100 spent on energy used by bulbs. Saves: $15 Set your laptops and desktops to auto shut off Instead of keeping it on when you don't need it use the "auto shut off" feature to turn it off when there is no activity on the device. Saves: $30/Year Use ceiling fan In cooler months run the fan clockwise to push the warm air down from ceiling which ultimately reduces the HVAC load by as much as 10%. Smart blinds Cellular and honeycomb shades will help you reduce both heat loss (up to 86 percent) and gain (up to 80 percent). Saves: 10%/Year Saves: 10-15% per year Smart power strips Instead of having to unplug umpteen appliances and electronics around the house every night, consider a smart power strip that cuts phantom power from anything plugged into it. Saves: $30/Year in energy costs Stop Using Schedules on outdoor irrigation systems This costs you money while you are sleeping. Instead of running irrigation systems on a pre-developed schedule run it manually. This can save $35/month in water bill Saves: $10/month Motion sensor based outdoor lights Solar powered outdoor lights Dusk to Dawn LED bulbs Perfect for outdoor security. These lights automatically turn on when motion is detected. Can save up to $10/month as compared to bulbs that always remain on. These lights are charged using solar power and hence will reduce your carbon footfrint. Perfect for gardening lights. These can save as much as Never forget to turn off your outdoor lights because these lights would automatically turn off. $30/year as compared to traditional lights. Saves: $10/month Saves: $30/year Saves: $10/month Sources: uses/ .COM 99SMARTHOMES REVIEWS OF TOP BEST HCME & HITCHEN PRODJCTS

15 Ways to Make your Home Energy Efficient and Reduce Utility Bill

shared by mangukiyap on Nov 23
Here are 15 effective home improvement ideas to make your home energy efficient and reduce utility bill.


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