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15 Fascinating Toilet Facts

15 Fascinating Toilet Facts You Probably Didn't Know! Here are some things that will get you thinking about toilets and will probably cause you to smirk a bit. 1. On average, a person spends approximately 3 years on the toilet throughout the whole lifetime. What a waste, literally. 2. A study was made to determine whether most people put their toilet paper on the holder with the flap in front or behind. Over $100,000 US dollars was spent to discover that three out of four people have the flap in the front. So now you have i. 3. An average person uses the toilet 2,500 times a year! 4. Most toilets flush in the key of E Flat. 5. November 19th of every year marks the World Toilet Day. Don't forget to celebrate! 6. 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year. 7. The most luxurious toilet in the world was made out It was then melted when the company of gold. ran out of money. 8. The White House has 30 bathrooms. 9. People use about 57 sheets of toilet paper a day. 10. 75% of people use their mobile phones on the toilet. You're probably reading this on the toilet right now! 11. 7 million mobile phones are dropped into the toilet every year. 12. Americans use 433 million miles of toilet paper a year! That's enough to go around the sun! 13. 70% of house guests look through the cabinets of the people they're visiting and the drawers in the bathroom. 14. Females take 3 times longer than males in the bathroom. 15. An estimated 2.6 billion people worldwide do not have access to a proper bathroom. So whether you know it or not, with the amount of people worldwide without a proper access to a good bathroom, we should be thankful for the incredible invention that we all use and know as the Toilet.

15 Fascinating Toilet Facts

shared by karolbanach on Jul 09
Here are some things that will get you thinking about toilets and will probably cause you to smirk a bit.




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