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15 Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

Astute ighting 15 FUN REASONS TO SWITCH TO LED LIGHTING Just about everybody knows the fundamental and basic rea- sons why switching to LED lighting makes perfect sense. The fi- nancial and environmental gains are well documented and can be enjoyed by almost any property owner. Here are a few of the less explored reasons to switch to LED Bulbs. LLN 2 99% Follow the steps of the USA's most fun- loving ex-president Bill Clinton in joining the movement. Bill Clinton initiated the For 99.9% of the population, it is the closest that they will get to being in Led Zeppelin; the world's greatest rock band. Although we suggest that Robert Plant and co also invest in LED lighting. scheme to replace Los Angeles' street lights with LED bulbs Wii The longer lifespans of the LED bulb com- pared to the halogen bulb safeguards against potential light outages in horror films. This is great news for over-confident teens who are prone to investigating deserted rooms and desolate buildings. The LED emits less heat than a halogen bulb, lead- ing to less embarrassing sweating. Play Wii tennis all night under the spotlight of an LED bulb. 5g The less frequent replacement costs means you have more time to do the important things in life; like reminisce how useless halogen bulbs were. THE WORLD'S LARGEST FREE STAND- ING TOWER (CN TOWER) IS LIGHT WITH LED BULBS. .7 LED bulb sounds like a cool rapper's name. LED bulb can be in da house, in da office, almost anywhere. BEER PONG MASTER LED BULBS When you switch to LED bulbs, you will have an addi- tional time reference. 'Hey guys, remember that time we played pong all night? We still had halogen bulbs then. It was a rubbish night" 10 ED BULBS ARE EASILY DIMMABLE, TO GET YOU IN THE MOOD. LED bulbs are available in many co- lours, this means you can turn a cup- board into a photograph developing dark room. It's a trend, and only the non-cool miss out on trends. You want to be cool right? 12 The smug sense of self-satisfaction. You are helping Mother Nature in her greatest battle yet. 13 'A LED' is an acronym for 'A Light Emit- ting Diode' which is an anagram of 'l got limited head sting'. Your head sting will be limited with the lower prices that are incurred by investing in LED bulbs. THE CHOICE 14 THEY MAKE LESS MESS THAN SAl CANDLES. IF YOU'RE STILL THERE. 15. LED bulbs are silent, so you won't feel like you're in a creepy scene from SAW. Astute ighing

15 Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

shared by AsuteLighting on Jun 12
Astute Lighting has detailed a few of the lesser-known reasons as to why making the switch the switch from traditional lighting to LED bulbs is beneficial to both private and professional property own...


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