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10 Steps to a Greener Home

10 STEPS ΤΟ Α ТO A GREENER HOME WORLD ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION: 57.3 TRILLION KWH 16.378 7.332 TRILLION KWH TRILLION KWH 1980 2006 2060 In 2060 The population will hit 10 billion and 350% more electricity will be consumed - that's 57.3 trillion kWh a year! • WASH YOUR CLOTHES AT 30 DEGREES 90% of washing machine energy is spent on heating water. A 30 degree wash will clean most stains on a range of fabrics. 30 • GET A GAS OVEN 2 Electric ovens consume 129kg of c02 every year and cost around £30-40 to run per year. Gas ovens are more eco-friendly and can cook food faster with less energy. • A-RATED WHITE GOODS 3 Energy efficiency ratings cover G to A++ rating, with A being the best. A • REPLACE YOUR TUMBLE DRYER WITH A CLOTHES HANGER The tumble dryer is the appliance in the house that consumes the most energy, producing 175kg of CO2 every year. Using a clothes hanger or hanging your clothes outside can save you up to £165 a year (G-rated 9kg tumble dryer). • TAKE ITEMS OFF STANDBY Items on standby cost an average of £30 a year for UK homes. £30/ YEAR Electricity produced by items on Standby accounts for 15% of the total consumption in the UK. • TAKE A SHOWER BUT NOT A POWER SHOWER "Power showers" use twice as much energy as a regular shower. One study found that a normal shower costs £416 a £416/ YEAR £918/ YEAR year in water and electricity charges, but a power shower costs £918 per year. • DITCH THE DESKTOP 7 FOR A LAPTOP OR TABLET Laptops typically use 85% less electricity over a year than desktop PCs do. 85% LESS Choosing a laptop over a desktop and reducing standby could save up to £17 per year. • CONTROL YOUR WATER CONSUMPTION Fix dripping taps in your home. Instead of waiting for a tap to go cold, simply fill a jug with the warm/lukewarm water and keep in the fridge for later consumption. • CHANGE YOUR KETTLE On average a UK household boils the kettle 1,500 times a year. Eco-friendly kettles that only boil the amount of water required can use 20% less energy than a conventional electric kettle. • BIGGEST "TV PICKUPS" IN THE UK Biggest "TV Pickups" in the UK (when a massive surge of electricity is felt on the grid due to everyone turning on their kettles just before a TV show). 3000 MW 2500 MW 2000 MW 1500 MW 1000 MW 500 MW 1984 1990 2001 2002 2011 : The Thorn Birds (22nd Jan 1984) : Eastenders (5th April 2001) : England v West Germany FIFA World Cup semi-final penalty shootout (4th July 1990) : England v Brazil FIFA World Cup quarter-final (21st June 2002) : Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton (29th April 2011) • LOOK AHEAD 10 Keep an eye on innovation around the home - alternative energy such as solar power is on the rise. Creations such as the Smart Grid will make it easier to control the energy output of your home using a central interface that will help you keep appliances that need to be turned off. everything and see Presented by ces GROUP

10 Steps to a Greener Home

shared by AlexGillham on Sep 02
As the world's population increases, so does our electrical consumption - so we created an infographic in time for GreenPeace Day on the 15th September which includes 10 ways you can contribute to Gre...


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