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10 Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Company

10 Reasons to Hire a PEST CONTROL COMPANY 1 YOU SEE SIGNS OF TERMITE DAMAGE 1 Hollow-sounding wood I Mud tunnels on exterior walls/foundation I Piles of wood-colored droppings known as frass 2 YOU HAVE A HIVE OR NEST 1 Swarming bees/wasps in one area 1 Check under eaves, decks, and balconies I Bees can build nests in the ground under sheds or wood piles 3 YOU FIND RODENT SIGNS 1 Small, dark-colored droppings 1 Gnaw marks on bags of food, furniture, or boxes 4 YOU HAVE BITES 1 Usually red 1 Can be raised or flat 1 May indicate fleas or bed bug 5 YOU HEAR NOISES IN THE WALLS 1 Scratching, tapping, or chewing sounds 1 Can indicate rodents, bats, or birds 6 YOU FIND CHEWED WIRES 1 Check your TV, computer, and other appliances I May indicate rodents 1 Caution-chewed wires can be a fire hazard! 7 YOU HAVE ANTS IN THE KITCHEN I May be on counters or in cabinets I May also hide in open boxes of food 8 YOU HAVE A LIVE ANIMAL NEAR YOUR HOME 1 Skunks, raccoons, and rodents may live by your house 1 Live animals may seek shelter in your subarea or attic 1 Can be dangerous to kids and pets 9 YOU SEE A DEAD ANIMAL I Look out for dead skunks, squirrels, rodents, and opossums I Can cause extreme odor problems I May also pose a health risk 10 YOU SEE PESTS 1 1 or 2 pests usually mean more are around 1 Professional care is more effective than DIY remedies PROVIDED BY: American City Pest & Termite BUGS UGH!! FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED SINCE 1979 www.AMERICANCITYPEST.COM Sources

10 Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Company

shared by BrittSE on Jan 07
Waking up with red spots on your skin is not normal, and it could be a sign of bed bugs! Read through this infographic to learn which signs indicate that you should call a pest control professional.


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