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10 Different Ways to Stay Warm Around the World

O BestHeating 10 DIFFERENT WAYS TO STAY WARM AROUND THE WORLD Staying warm is a difficult task for most of us (especially when winter kicks in!) But have you ever wondered how other countries manage it? Well look no further, BestHeating will take you around the world in one infographic. 1. RUSSIA 2. UK A pechka is a type of Russian oven used for cooking and home heating. Usually found in villages, people sleep on top in winter to stay warm. The most popular way of heating a UK household is through gas central heating. Hot water circulates through the pipes of a house to the radiators giving you a warm, cosy room. 3. USA 4. MONGOLIA Most houses in America use either a furnace or boiler, similar to the UK. The difference being, furnaces use hot air and the air gets distributed through ducts around the house. Ulaanbaatar is one of the coldest capital cities on Earth. The street children of Ulaanbaatar go underground through manhole covers and live on the city's heating pipes during a cold snap. 5. GREENLAND 6. ICELAND Igloos were structures made from ice and snow which provided shelter for the Inuit people.Said to be much warmer than a tent, they usually take a few hours to build. Geothermal energy is heat from underneath the Earth's surface. 7. NETHERLANDS In Iceland this energy provides heat and electricity for 87% of homes and buildings around the country. 8. JAPAN The Dutch foot stove was a small wooden box with holes on the top and a slab to place charcoal at the bottom. People in the 19th century would put their feet on top of the box, wrapped in a blanket to trap the heat. Most Japanese households have no double-glazing, little insulation and no central heating so kotatsus are common. Kotatsus are a low-sitting table with a heater attached undemeath 9. SOUTH AFRICA and thick, heavy blankets. 10. SWEDEN Sarah Collins launched the derba in 2008. The Wonderbag is an insulated cooking bag designed to reduce energy consumption in fuel-poor countries. n South Afric Invented in Sweden, earbags are small circular bags that snap directly on the ears. They are used commonly for sports and running in cold temperatures. SOURCES home-heating-systems/gas-central-heating/ http://energy.govlenergysaverlarticles/furnaces-and-boilers jan/02/wonderbag-right-ingredients-developing-world kotatsu-let-the-upper-body-fend-for-itself/#.VDVPTXZGWTY FOR MORE HEATING ADVICE, TIPS, AND NEWS, VISIT US ON HTTP://WWW.BESTHEATING.COM/

10 Different Ways to Stay Warm Around the World

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Brrrr! Having trouble beating the chill? Fear no more! We've rounded up 10 different ways to stay warm around the world. presents a fun and interesting infographic illustrating clev...




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