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10 Bizarre Inventions That Never Made It To Your Home

10 BIZARRE INVENTIONS THAT NEVER MADE IT TO YOUR HOME! The world is awash with crazy inventions that at the time looked like pure genius, but as time goes on they look more and more bizarre. Discover some of the most outrageous inventions for the home that people attempted to take to market. Could you see yourself using any of these? SPRAY ON HAIR First hitting the infomercials in the 1990s, spray on hair offered a cheaper alternative for bald people. Shame it looked more like paint in a can. invented: 1990's Spray hair Source: BUTTER STICK PEN For when a knife just won't do it! invented: unknown Source: THE SHOWER HOOD Looking more like a beekeeper's hood, it's clear to see why a shower cap is more popular nowadays. invented: 1970's Source: THE READAMATIC The Readamatic Pacer was designed to increase reading speed. Unpractical and noisy, not surprising it didn't take off. invented: 1963 Source: CAT DUSTER SLIPPERS Cat Duster Slippers aim to rid your house from dust. Only problem is that cats tend to sleep a lot and would end up doing less dusting than you. VIRTUALBOY. invented: unknown Source: VIRTUALBOY Marketed as the first 'portable' video game console, Virtual Boy failed to live up to it's projections and was discontinued just over a year after release. It is now considered a collectors item. invented: 1995 VIRTUALBOY. Source: BABY WINDOW CAGE THE Considered a space saving solution for families in crowded cities, it's safe to say it was pretty dangerous for babies in the 1930s. invented: 1930's Source: CUTLERICKS What can only be described as chopsticks with a knife and fork on the end. Why not just use a normal knife and fork? invented: unknown Source: PHONE ANSWERING ROBOT Reportedly unable to talk, record the callers message or play a greeting, this robot pretty much had no use. invented: 1950's Source: THE EXTERNAL TURKEY ROASTER Although a roasted turkey is very nice, having such a huge machine for one task seems very impractical! invented: unknown Source: f the uk's largest online sofa bed store @MySofaBeds BUTTER STICK TYPE INII ecl

10 Bizarre Inventions That Never Made It To Your Home

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The world is full of inventors looking to make it big with their next invention. For every 1 invention that makes it big commercially, there are 100s if not 1000s more that don’t. Have you ever ima...




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